Rhysand's mother was a Illyrian who married her mate, the High Lord of the Night Court, and Rhysand's father.


Rhysand's mother belonged to a low-class Illyrian family. She worked as a seamstress in an Illyrian war-camp in the mountains of the Night Court. When females come of age in the camps, their wings are clipped, making the female unable to fly. However Rhysand's mother loved to fly, and thus did everything in her power to keep herself from maturing. She starved herself, gathered illegal herbs, and did anything to halt the natural course of her body. She managed to bide her time till the age of eighteen, when she first bled. One of the males in the camp scented it on her and told the camp lord. She tried to flee but was intercepted easily by the Illyrian warriors.

The warriors dragged her back to the camp and were about to tie her to the posts in the center of camp when the High Lord winnowed in for a meeting with camp's lord about readying for the War. He saw her thrashing and fighting like a wildcat and the mating bond between them clicked into place. He killed the guards holding her. She looked at him and the bond fell into place for her, too. The High Lord immediately to her back to the Night Court and made her his bride the same evening.

She and her husband had two children, Rhysand and an unnamed daughter.

When Rhysand turned eight, she took him to an Illyrian war-camp to be trained, as all Illyrian males were trained. Like all Illyrian mothers, she shoved him toward the sparring ring on the first day, and walked away without looking back. It was considered an embarrassment for a mother to coddle her son when he goes to train. She stayed at the camp with him though.

She didn't want Rhysand to rely on his power. She knew from the moment she conceived him that he'd be hunted his entire life. So where one strength failed, she wanted others to save him. Rhysand's mother also believed that education was important and a valuable weapon. She tutored him after his training sessions in the war-camp, and made him read every day.

When Rhysand brought Cassian back to their house, she was livid. But she saw him and told him that there was a bathtub with hot running water and to get in it or he could go back into the cold. When he got out, she had clean nightclothes and ordered him into bed. He'd spent his life sleeping on the ground, so when he balked, she said she understood because she had felt the same once, and that it would feel as if he was being swallowed up, but the bed was his for as long as he wanted it.[1] She also took in Azriel when he arrived at the camp, because she had known Azriel's mother.

She gifted Rhysand a ring as a keepsake and took it back once Rhysand reached maturity. She gave it to the Weaver for safekeeping.

She made dresses for Rhysand's future mate so he could one day, give them to her. In A Court of Frost and Starlight, it is revealed that the dresses Rhysand has given Feyre, were made by his mother. Rhysand had not told Feyre this until that point, because he was afraid Feyre would think it unsettling that she was wearing dresses made by a female who died centuries before

Rhysand later befriended Tamlin, the son of the High Lord of the Spring Court. His mother traveled to a Illyrian war-camp to meet with Rhys, however Rhys had decided to stay elsewhere in the court. Rhys tells Tamlin about this, and Tamlin relays this information to his father and brothers. They traveled to the Illyrian wilderness and murdered both Rhysand's mother and sister. They kept their heads in boxes and sent them down the river to the nearest camp. Tamlin's father also kept their wings as trophies.


Rhysand's mother was gently, soft, but also wild, fiery. She was beloved by everyone she met. She lived by a moral code, and deeply disagreed with the treatment of females in Illyrian camps. Though she disagreed with this aspect of Illyrian tradition, she did adore the culture. She tried for decades to get Rhysand's father to ban Clipping. She was a caring and kind woman. She cared for Cassian when she saw that he was having to live in a tent on the edge of camp because he was bastard-born. She also took in Azriel when he was brought to the camp.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Due to being Illyrian, Rhysand's mother possessed bat-like wings. Like her son, she adored flying around the Night Court.


  • Being a seamstress she was the one that made all of Feyre's clothes, including the dress she wore on Starfall.



Though Rhysand's mother and father were mates, they were wrong for each other. For a while, Rhysand's mother hated him but was eternally grateful that he had saved her wings and allowed her to fly whenever and wherever she wished.



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