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Ressina is a female faerie who resides in the Rainbow in Velaris.


Ressina is an artist and resident of the Rainbow. She has a studio there and lives above it.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

When Velaris is attacked by invading forces from Hybern led by the Attor, Feyre Archeron sees Ressina. She doesn't know who she is but sees her standing outside a shop in the Rainbow. Ressina has a rusted pipe raised over one shoulder, squaring off against a group of Hybern soldiers, ready to go down swinging for the terrified people huddled inside.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

Feyre is walking through the Rainbow when Ressina begins speaking to her about one of the destroyed homes. Ressina tells Feyre the family got out in time. Feyre asks her about the owners of the boarded-up shop across the street. Ressina tells her that the owner, Polina, was not as lucky. She tells her the shop, a gallery, is for sale by Polina's family. She goes on to say that there are rumors Feyre is a good artist. Ressina tells Feyre she "needn't go skulking around here" and that "every door is open" to her because she is a fellow artist. Before they depart, Ressina points out her studio, a building down the street and across the intersection, and says that if Feyre ever wants a guide or some company she can find her there most days as she lives above the studio. She tells Feyre that the residents of the Rainbow remember that she came for them during Hybern's attack. They had been staying away to let her have her privacy, but that she shouldn't think for one moment that there isn't a single one of them who doesn't know and remember, who isn't grateful that she came there and fought for them. Finally, Ressina tells Feyre that a group of painters gather once a week at Ressina's studio and would be honored if she joined them. Feyre asks what they paint and Ressina replies, "The things that need telling."

Feyre thinks about going but in the end she is afraid to paint in front of others and chooses to do it alone in Polina's studio. She is once found there by Ressina, who has gone to clean up.

When Feyre finally makes up her mind to buy the place, Polina's sister gives it to her for free and tells her to donate the money she intended to pay to Brush and Chisel. Feyre doesn't know what that is and Ressina explains it to her. Feyre then asks her if she would like to help her with a project she has in mind and after some time of preparation they both open a studio in the Rainbow to give free classes to anyone who wants to learn how to paint.


Ressina has pale green skin and sable hair the color of ink flowing past her chest. She has long, delicate fingers. Her face and body are similar to the High Fae, though her ears are slenderer and longer. Her form is slimmer and sleeker than that of the High Fae as well. Her eyes are a vibrant ochre. Her mouth is a berry-pink color.


Ressina has a strength that stems from caring for those around her. She is not a fighter, yet is willing to fight against Hybern soldiers, even if it means dying.

When Feyre meets her, she describes her handshake as steel-strong and "not someone prone to excessive smiling, but still full of a practical sort of warmth."[1] She is confident and not afraid of being direct, even with the High Lady of the Night Court.


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