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This is what Velaris is known for: the artists' quarter. You'll find a hundred galleries, supply stores, potters' compounds, sculpture gardens, and anything in between. They call it the Rainbow of Velaris.

Rhysand, A Court of Mist and Fury

The Rainbow of Velaris is a neighborhood in the city of Velaris in the Night Court. It is the central hub for different kinds of art. It contains the most famous theater in the city.


The Rainbow of Velaris is Velaris's artists' quarter, home to the performing artists: the musicians, the dancers, the actors. It is a brightly painted pocket of the city, built atop one of the hills that flowed right to the Sidra River's edge. In the Rainbow of Velaris can be found a hundred galleries, supply stores, potters' compounds, sculpture gardens, and anything in between. In this quarter is located a building with a golden top, the most famous of the five main theaters in the city.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

On her first visit to Velaris, Rhysand takes Feyre Archeron by the Rainbow. She sees High Fae and various lesser faeries wandering the street. Everyone is taking in the sights, some are shopping, and some are splattered with clay, dust, and paint. Rhysand knows of Feyre's artistic talent and hoped she would enjoy seeing the Rainbow.

Feyre attempts to walk through the Rainbow the day before she goes to the Court of Nightmares with Rhysand, Cassian, Morrigan, and Azriel to steal the Veritas. However, she is unable to summon the courage to do it and walks away.

During the attack of Velaris, it is one of the areas left unprotected as Cassian, Azriel, and Amren had their hands full defending other parts of the city. It is burning and bathed in blood as the Attor leads an army of Hybern warriors into the Rainbow. Feyre suspects the Mortal Queens had told him to strike the Rainbow as it was the heart of the city and the most defenseless. When she hears a female scream in the artists' quarter, Feyre takes it upon herself to defend the Rainbow. In the aftermath of the attack, Feyre sees Rhys who names her "Defender of the Rainbow."

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