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She made Amarantha seem as sweet as Elain.

Morrigan, A Court of Mist and Fury

The Queen of the Black Land was the ruler of the High Fae empire where mortals lived as slaves.


During her reign over the Black Land, mortals were kept as slaves in the kingdom. Miryam was one of the slaves, despite having fae heritage. Her mother was a mortal, and therefore Miryam was forced into slavery from birth.

The Queen planned to marry the fae prince Drakon, and as a wedding gift she gave Drakon the slave Miryam. However Drakon was horrified, and let Miryam escape. Drakon feared the queen's wrath, and so fled through the desert and sea. He broke of the engagement with the Queen and joined the side of the mortals in the War.

The Queen later lost the War, and the slaves of her kingdom were liberated. It is unknown whenever the Queen died in the War or is still alive.


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