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A Priestess is a High Fae who oversees religious ceremonies and rituals.


Priestesses devote themselves to help the temples and are under a High Priestess which is their superior and leader. When a female is in training to become a priestess they are called an acolyte. The priestesses worship the Mother, the Cauldron, and the Forces That Be. They have a service at dawn, and at dusk, and on every holy day in which they worship with songs.

They perform mating ceremonies as well as marriages.

The priestesses wear a shining silver circlet set with a single perfectly oval limpid blue Invoking Stone at the center of their brow. Their robes are pale blue-gray in color, billowing, artfully twisted and layered. The robes are far from matronly hugging the curves of their body. Like High Priestesses, it would be considered a crime against the Cauldron to lock up their feminine instincts so they are free to have dalliances, marry, or have children.


After the War between the mortals and the faeries and the creation of the Wall that divided their kingdoms, the priestesses of the time were given to care for the Cauldron's three legs, without which it could not be used to breach the wall and re-enslave mortals.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

The King of Hybern plans to use the Cauldron to destroy the wall and re-enslave mortals, and for that he needs all three feet, so he decides to steal them from the temples where they are guarded by the priestesses killing many of them. When he succeeds, he is able to restore the Cauldron.

Known Priestesses[]