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The pleasure barge is a large ship that sails the shores of Adriata.


Tarquin possesses a pleasure barge, often stationed in the Adriata's bay. The barge hardly rocked throughout the hours they dined and drank aboard it. Crafted of the richest wood and gold, the enormous boat was amply sized for the hundred or so High Fae. The main deck is full of low tables and couches for eating and relaxing, and on the upper level, beneath a canopy of tiles set with mother-of-pearl, a long table is set. A sweeping staircase leads down onto the stern of the ship—brightly lit, but quieter than the main areas at the prow.

The boat is propelled by magic with no oars or sails.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

When Rhysand, Feyre Archeron and Amren go to the Summer Court under the pretext of meeting with the High Lord, Tarquin, when they are actually looking for half of the Book of Breathings that he has in his possession, they are received by the High Lord and a delegation composed of his cousins, the Princes of Adriata, ​​Cresseida and Varian, and three advisers.

The very night of their arrival, Tarquin invites them to dine in the pleasure barge to celebrate their visit. They are accompanied by a hundred High Fae, they sail the shores of Adriata while dining and drinking.