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A pegasus is a winged horse. They are rare and Helion is the owner of the only pegasuses that remain in existence.

General Appearance[]

Pegasuses are horses with wings. Their coats and wings come in various colors.[1]


According to legend, pegasuses come from the island the Prison sits upon, and fed in fair meadows. Lore says there had once been far more of them, but their population dwindled over thousands of years for unknown reasons. It is speculated that part of their decline could be that their homeland had vanished and whatever had sustained them didn't exist anymore.

Amarantha also helped to reduce the population of pegasuses by slaughtering three dozen of Helion's pegasuses in addition to burning many of his libraries. The seven pegasus pairs that remain had survived thanks to being set free before Amarantha's cronies could reach their pens in the highest tower of Helion's palace.[1]

A Court of Silver Flames[]

Helion arrives at the Hewn City for his reunion with the Inner Circle riding Meallan.[1]


  • Helion's most beloved pegasus pair are Meallan and his mate.[1]


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