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The Palace of Bone and Salt is one of the four market squares in Velaris. It is located next to the Sidra River. It is part of the Twin Squares, along with the Palace of Hoof and Leaf.

This market square sells meat, produce, prepared food, livestock, confections, and a large range of spices.[1]


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

After Tamlin locks Feyre Archeron in the manor at the Spring Court, Feyre pleads desperately for help. Rhysand hears her through their bond and leaves to visit the Spring Court. He and Morrigan rescue Feyre from Tamlin's clutches by bringing her to the Night Court.

Feyre asks Rhysand if she is able to accompany him on his errands. He hesitates but ultimately grants her access to see Velaris, the City of Starlight.

On her first visit to Velaris, this Palace is the second one Rhys takes Feyre to. During their visit, Rhysand tells Feyre about the city and how the citizens use magic to warm outdoor places.

She notices how no one avoids him. Rather the people offer him warm, broad smiles. Some approach and grip his hand to welcome him back. Rhys knows each person by name, and the people address him by his.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

A week before Nesta Archeron is forced to move into the House of Wind, she had seen her sister Elain Archeron in the Palace of Bone and Salt. Elain had halted intending to speak to Nesta, but Nesta had kept walking and didn't look back.


Night Court
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