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Nuan's mother is a former resident of Xian. She is the mother of Nuan, an alchemist from the Dawn Court.


Nuan's mother is a High Fae who lived in Xian. This territory supported the Loyalists in the War and therefore the territory believed that they should be able to enslave mortals.

At some point, Nuan's mother moved to the Dawn Court in Prythian, so their children could have a better future. Nuan's mother also fell in love with a High Fae man, and gave birth to Nuan.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

During the meeting between the High Lords of Prythian, Thesan introduces Nuan, an alchemist with Xian heritage. Beron asks her who she is, and Nuan tells him that she is from Xian and her parents moved to Prythian for a better life.


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