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Nuan is a High Fae, alchemist and master tinkerer from the Dawn Court.


Early Life[]

Nuan was born and raised in Prythian. Her parents were from a land called Xian, as were most of the Dawn Courtiers.

Like her High Lord, Thesan, during Amarantha's reign of terror she must have spent fifty years in Under the Mountain like the rest of her court.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

During the course of the war between Hybern and Prythian, in which the Hybern forces used the faebane poison on their weapons to weaken their enemies and prevent them from healing, Nuan crafted an antidote that made the poison go largely unaffected, which was a major breakthrough for the defense of the residents of Prythian.

During the High Lords meeting, Nuan presented the antidote she had created. She had attained samples from Velaris' attack and made a solution.


Nuan is described as beautiful with long silken black hair, onyx eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Her appearance was also compared to Amren by Feyre Archeron, theorizing that Amren may have modeled her Fae body on Nuan's bloodline. Nuan's facial features include a sharp chin, round cheeks, and up-tilted eyes. She also has a mechanical right hand.


Lucien Vanserra[]

She is friends with Lucien Vanserra and created his mechanical left eye after Amarantha ripped his eye out.

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