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This estate belongs to Nolan, a wealthy lord of the Mortal Lands located south of Prythian.


The estate is described as having high stone walls and several control gates controlled by guards armed with ash wood arrows and hounds that identify the Fae. The wall around the house is so tall that not even the trees can reach it. Nesta thinks that it looks like a prison.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Nolan and his family, including his son Graysen, lived in this estate at the time Graysen asked for the hand of Elain Archeron, the sister of Feyre Archeron, in marriage. Surely after the celebration she would go live there but Elain was kidnapped and taken to Hybern where the King of Hybern, using the powers of the Cauldron, turned her into a High Fae, something Nolan's family hated.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

After the fall of The Wall, the Night Court, in an attempt to protect the mortals from the invading Fae, decided to try to appeal to Graysen and his father Nolan, who, as a rich mortal lord, had vast lands, wealth, and a fortified estate that was mostly unoccupied. They tried to deceive Graysen and Nolan, pretending that Elain, Graysen's fiancée, was still mortal and not a High Fae like her sisters, believing that she could have influence over her loved one and his family. However, Jurian had already revealed the truth to Graysen and Nolan. Despite her attempted deception, in the end, Nolan is convinced, or threatened by Jurian, to shelter the mortal refugees.

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