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Nolan is a mortal lord who lives in the Mortal Lands of southern Prythian.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Nolan is Graysen's father. His son is planning to marry Elain Archeron. Nolan is a lord and hates the faeries who live in Prythian and often organized hunts to kill faeries who ventured beyond the wall. Since his son is going to marry Elain, Feyre Archeron's sister, he has his son give her an engagement ring made of iron.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

After the fall of the wall, the Night Court, in an attempt to protect the mortals from the High Fae invaders, decides to try to appeal to Graysen and his father Nolan, who, as a wealthy mortal lord, has extensive lands, wealth, and a fortified estate that is mostly unoccupied. They attempt to trick Graysen and Nolan by pretending that Elain, Graysen's fiancée, is still mortal and not a High Fae like her sisters, believing that she might have influence over her lover and his family. However, Jurian has already revealed the truth to Graysen and Nolan. Despite his attempted deception, in the end, Nolan is convinced, or threatened by Jurian, to admit the human refugees.

During the final battle against Hybern in the Mortal Lands, Graysen and his father, led by Jurian, are part of the human army who, along with an army from the Autumn Court and a small force from the Spring Court, join the fray, reinforcing the battered Night, Day, Dawn, Winter and Summer Courts.


He is old enough that he won't have long to live.


Nesta Archeron says she highly dislikes lord Nolan because the only things he cares about are is his quest against the Fae and the money in Elain's dowry.


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