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In A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, various noble titles are used to denote positions of power which are the following:

High Lord and High Lady[]

Each of the rulers of the seven Courts of Prythian are known as High Lord or High Lady. These are:



High Queen[]

The High Queen is the absolute ruler of the seven courts of Prythian. This is:

  • Amarantha (former self-proclaimed High Queen of Prythian)

High King[]

The High King is the overthrower of the Fae's ancient rulers, the Daglan. He unified the territories and became the first and last High King in Prythian. This is:

  • Fionn (former High King of Prythian)

King and Queen[]

The rulers of various Faerie and mortal kingdoms are known as king or queen. These are:

Prince and Princess[]

The children, cousins ​​​​and/or nephews of the Kings, Queens and High Lords of various Fae and mortal kingdoms are known as prince or princess. These are:

  • Dagdan (former prince of Hybern)
  • Brannagh (former princess of Hybern)
  • Brutius (former prince of the Summer Court)
  • Tarquin (former prince of the Summer Court)
  • Cresseida (current princess of the Summer Court)
  • Varian (current prince of the Summer Court)
  • Drakon (former prince of an unknown kingdom, current prince of Cretea)
  • Andromache's Children (former princes and princesses of the Mortal Lands)


The husband or wife of the governor of various territories, both mortal and Fae, is known as a consort. These are:


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