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This inn is located in the Illyrian Steppes, in the Night Court.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

After Rhysand realizes that Hybern is tracking his power to know where he is at all times, he decides to hide with Feyre Archeron in the Illyrian camps. Once established they go to train to the steppes as he had previously promised and while they are there Feyre is ambushed by Lucien Vanserra and four Spring Court sentries, including Bron and Hart, who intend to take her to Tamlin by force if necessary. After making it clear that she will not go with them and will not return to Spring Court, she tells them that if they try to take her again she will kill them all. After Rhysand threatens Lucien and the others they leave and both Feyre and Rhys seek refuge in an inn in the area.

In reality, the inn is nothing more than a tavern with rooms upstairs, and the one in which Feyre and Rhysand stay, it is an extremely small room located where a loft had once been, in which the ceiling is very low. and there is only one bed.

They eat dinner there and then go to sleep. To warm up they get as close as possible to each other and then Feyre begins to caress Rhys's wings and later goes on to confess that the two have been thinking about each other for a long time and finally have their first intimate night together.

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