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And above that, perched in a frozen mountainous spread of darkness and stars, the sprawling, massive territory of the Night Court.

–A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Night Court is one of the seven Courts of Prythian and one of the three Solar Courts. Rhysand is the High Lord of the Night Court and Feyre is the High Lady of the Night Court. It is divided into two sub-Courts, the Court of Nightmares, and the lesser known Court of Dreams.


The Night Court is a mountainous court located at the northernmost region of Prythian, and boasts the largest amount of territory out of all the courts. The Night Court is bordered to the south by the Day Court. Though it is called "The Night Court," it follows the cycle of day and night, as every Solar Court does. However, the Night Court's nights are more breathtaking than those of any other Court.

Many citizens of the Night Court consider it to be divided into two sub-Courts. The Court of Nightmares is the name given to the Hewn City. It is a violent place with individuals who follow their own morals and those who disagreed with Rhysand's rule. This side of the Night Court is known by the rest of the world. However, the secret side of the Night Court is the Court of Dreams, otherwise known as the city of Velaris, and it is where Rhysand and his Inner Circle dwell. This city was protected and hidden by Rhysand from the rest of Prythian during Amarantha's rule as High Queen. Rhysand and his Inner Circle had to reveal Velaris to the Mortal Queens, who use that information to bargain with the King of Hybern, who then attacks Velaris.


When Prythian was formed, the land was split into seven Courts, the Night Court being one of them. At one point, the Night Court was a violent place, ruled from the Hewn City by a High Lord. However, this changed when an ancient High Lord had hopes for it to become a better place. With this in mind, he sealed the borders and staged a coup. Then he eliminated the worst of the citizens who lived there and built Velaris. He established trade and peace within the Court and the city became known as "Court of Dreams." To preserve the peaceful city, the High Lord kept it a secret from the rest of Prythian and placed multiple spells around the city to protect it. It is even rumored that the High Lord cast his blood onto the stones and in the Sidra River to keep the place eternally safe.

His ancestors continued keeping it a secret from the outside world for many millennia. However, the peace within the Court did not last, and the Court of Nightmares later resurfaced.

Morrigan's family later ruled the Court, before eventually the powers of High Lord were passed to Rhysand's family. Rhy's father ruled the Night Court until he was killed by Tamlin. The powers were transferred to Rhysand who ruled Velaris and the Hewn City. Rhys appointed Amren as his Second-in-Command, Morrigan as his Third-in-Command, Cassian as the Commander of the Court's armies, and Azriel as spymaster. These individuals form the Inner Circle.

The nobility of the Night Court fall into one of three categories. The first are those who hated Rhysand enough that when Amarantha took over, they joined her Court and later found themselves dead. The second are those who hated Rhysand enough to try to overthrow him and faced the consequences. The third are those who hated Rhysand, but not enough to be stupid and have since tolerated his rule, especially when it so rarely interferes with their miserable lives.[1]

The Inner Circle[]

The Inner Circle by Charlie Bowater

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The Inner Circle is a group of individuals who help Rhysand govern the Night Court. They comprise of:

Known Residents[]


  • The sigil of the Court is a mountain with three stars overhead. [2]
  • Though some citizens in the Night Court have to pay taxes, there is no equivalent of the Spring Court Tithe in the court. [3]



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