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You know nothing about who I am, and what I've done, and what I want.

–Nesta to Cassian, Wings and Embers

Nesta Archeron (pronounced: Nes-tah[7]) is the sister of Feyre and Elain Archeron. They lived together alongside their father at the beginning of A Court of Thorns and Roses. She is the eldest of the Archeron sisters and Cassian's mate. With the help of Emerie and Gwyneth Berdara she revived the Valkyries, a clan of female warriors wiped out 500 years prior to the series, and became a Valkyrie herself. She underwent Illyrian training under Cassian and Azriel's supervision and is, with Gwyn and Emerie, the first female to participate in (albeit forcibly) and complete the Illyrian Blood Rite ceremony.

She was originally mortal but was Made into High Fae after being thrown into the Cauldron by the King of Hybern. She is cold, calculating, the Archeron sister who felt it all too keenly, too sharply, a blade given form.

She's the only being in existence able to summon, wear and carry all the objects that make up the Dread Trove. At the end of A Court of Silver Flames she developed a connection with the Mother and also gained a tattoo on her back, proof of the bargain she struck with the Cauldron.

She and Cassian currently reside in the House of Wind.


Early Life

Nesta was born into a high society family dedicated to the merchant business consisting of a father, a mother and two younger sisters: Elain and Feyre Archeron in their first home, a manor near the sea. Like every lady of high society, she along with her sister Elain, learned to read and write. One day her mother fell ill with typhus and died leaving the family devastated and the situation worsened when her father decided to do a business that went wrong, so he got into debt and was brutally beaten by the people he owed, leaving him permanently disabled with one injured leg. When they no longer had money to meet their expenses and lost the house, they had to move to a poor village where they left all the responsibilities on the shoulder of Feyre, despite being the youngest.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Nesta constantly criticizes Feyre for the little effort she put in to appear presentable even though they lived in poverty. One day when Feyre comes home with a wolf and a deer skin she says that with the money they will pay for them she needs new boots, something totally unnecessary since hers are still practically new while Feyre's are destroyed. When they go to sell the skins to the market the next day, the three sisters are intercepted by a young woman belonging to a group called the Children of the Blessed who worship the faeries. Nesta walks away along with Elain, whom she holds more dear than Feyre and whom she defends. While Feyre trades the furs with a mercenary, Nesta and Elain watch her and when Feyre gives them a coin of what she earned they go to buy new boots for Nesta and a new cape for Elain.

That night when Tamlin attacks their home to avenge the death of his friend Andras at the hands of Feyre, she tries to defend her sister Elain and when Tamlin takes Feyre to Prythian with him and puts a glamour on the family so that they will think that she has gone to take care of a aunt, Nesta is not affected by the glamour, so she knows the whole truth. Before leaving, Feyre tells her not to marry Tomas Mandray (a boy from the town whom Nesta wanted to marry) since his father beats his wife and his children do nothing to avoid it. A week after Feyre's departure, she hires the mercenary using the money Feyre had gained from selling the furs, to take her to Prythian so she can rescue her sister. She reaches the Wall that separated Prythian from the Mortal Lands but can not cross it.

When Feyre returns at her family's new manor after spending time in Prythian, Nesta reveals to Feyre that Tamlin's glamour didn't work on her as it did on Elain and their father, leaving Nesta with full memories of what happened. When Feyre learns that her sister tried to rescue her she is surprised because after never having stepped foot in the woods, she trekked two days there and two days back through the winter woods for her sister. Nesta tells Feyre to tell her everything that happened, and after Feyre is done, Nesta asks her to teach her how to paint. She also explains that the reason she spent every copper Feyre got was to see if their father would fight for them, and that she hates him for letting their mother die. When they find out about the murder of the Beddor family and Feyre realizes it was the faeries. Feyre keeps thinking about her conversation with Nesta, and it gives her the courage and perspective to go into Prythian. Nesta is supportive of her decision and helps her get ready to leave. Nesta lets her know that the family doesn't need her, and they can take care of themselves, not as an insult but as a gift to Feyre that she does not owe the family anything. Feyre tells her that if she notices something strange happening near the wall, to take their money and flee with the family. She does ask her to send word if she is safe though, and with that Feyre departs.

A Court of Mist and Fury

Nesta is not pleased that Feyre has been turned into High Fae and she is not pleased to have Rhysand, Cassian, and Azriel in their lives because it puts Elain and her engagement in danger. She comes to be more tolerant towards the members of the Night Court, except for Cassian with whom she bickers incessantly, in order to do her part in saving the human realm but remains cold and cruel.

In Wings and Embers, it is revealed that Nesta wanted to starve to death to try and guilt her father into helping their family. It is also revealed that Thomas Mandray once ripped apart her dress in an attempt to rape her, but Nesta was able to escape. This incident incenses Cassian and causes him to feel inclined to defend her. Nesta teases Cassian and he retaliates, hoping to anger Nesta into opening up. Nesta then pretends that she is going to kiss him, only to kick him square in the nuts and leave him alone in the room to try and sort through his jumbled feelings.

Cassian later promises Nesta that he would be willing to die protecting her and Elain in front of Rhys' Inner Circle and two of the Mortal Queens. It is also noted that Nesta doesn't flinch from Cassian's touch. Feyre and Cassian later have a short conversation about Nesta, in which Feyre says that she believes Nesta feels emotions stronger than most people, and as such, walls herself off from the world to try and spare herself the hurt. Feyre also speculates that the only person she thinks Nesta truly loves at that point is Elain, whom she would do anything, give anything, and be anything for.

Nesta is kidnapped by Ianthe along with Elain. Once the King of Hybern's plan to demonstrate the Cauldron's abilities by turning the sisters into High Fae is revealed, he decides to turn Elain, whom he refers to as "the pretty one", first. Nesta reacts violently, thrashing and screaming, fighting to save her sister against impossible odds. Cassian, despite being critically injured and nearly unconscious, reacts desperately to hearing Nesta's cries. When Nesta herself is put in, she fights back clawing, and as she is being submerged, points a finger at the King of Hybern in a death promise, unnerving him. When Nesta emerges from the Cauldron, Feyre immediately notices that she is different, implying that she is in some way apart from most High Fae and has probably acquired some special abilities. She immediately runs to Elain's side and forcefully shoves Lucien Vanserra away from her. When Lucien states that Elain is his mate, she responds with anger. Morrigan winnows the sisters out of Hybern to somewhere safe and secret within the Night Court.

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Feyre visits her sisters after having arrived back at the Night Court. Nesta is described to be devastatingly beautiful as a High Fae. She is initially very resentful and spiteful towards Feyre and her Inner Circle and seems only to care about Elain. She refuses Cassian's offer to train her yet agrees to practice her magic with Amren. As time goes on, she bonds with Feyre over their shared concern for Elain. Nesta agrees to go with the Inner Circle to the Court of Nightmares, and after that slowly becomes warmer, though her relationship with Cassian is still shown to be rocky.

After the battle in the Summer Court, when Cassian returns a few days later than his friends, Nesta is noticeably concerned and worried for him, and Mor reacts to this possessively. Later in the book, Rhysand offers Nesta the job of being emissary to the human world. Right afterward when Cassian arrives, having not seen him after the battle, Nesta goes up to him and they share a moment holding hands before they are winnowed away to the Dawn Court. They stay for two days for the meeting. During the conference, Nesta defends Cassian against Beron Vanserra's harsh words, and as half of the High Lords were going to leave enraged, Nesta gives a speech and convinces them to stay. On the second day of the conference, Nesta abruptly stood up in pain, this is where everyone realizes that she is connected to the Cauldron and is able to sense its movements and when it's being used.

This connection comes in handy both when in battle and also when Elain is kidnapped. The Suriel tells Feyre to use Nesta's connection to the bones to track the Cauldron in her mind. Nesta is able to do this with Feyre's help.

When she does so and they are able to rescue Elain, the three Archeron sisters lay together embracing each other. At her last battle, Nesta cannot stop crying when she hears mention of her father by Drakon and learns that—for the first time since their family's downfall—he has not let them down, having brought troops and even the mortal queen Vassa.

She risks her life alongside Cassian by distracting the King of Hybern so that Feyre and Amren are able to nullify the Cauldron. At this moment, she fights the King, both she and Cassian are badly wounded. Her father shows up and fights for her, but the King uses him as leverage. Nesta pleads with the King, and right before her father's neck is snapped, he tells her he loves her. Broken and immobilized by this, the King is about to hit them with a fatal blow, and turns to Cassian. Nesta and Cassian admit their feelings for each other and that they wish they had more time together, and share a kiss. The King of Hybern then attacks them, Cassian tells her to leave but she chooses to embrace a grievously wounded Cassian and face death with him rather than live without him. Suddenly, Elain appears to stab the King in the back, Nesta, emboldened and protective, strikes the killing blow, severing his head from his body, with her hands and face tainted with blood, she watches his head drop.

In the aftermath of the war Nesta, though initially unwilling, eventually agrees to attend the meeting that Feyre has called to renegotiate the treaty. Prior to this meeting, she treats Vassa, the sixth mortal queen, harshly and stiffens upon seeing her with Feyre. When Vassa tells Nesta about how her father loved her and how he was a good man, having treated her better than her own father—and that she would live her entire life in gratitude to him—Nesta shows no reaction and instead stares her down coldly.

Back at the Night Court, Nesta is seen to be very withdrawn and upset due to the death of her father and the apology he gave prior to his murder at the hands of the King of Hybern. She is so visibly shaken that she does not even visit Cassian on his recovery bed. She retreats to her room as the rest of the Inner Circle drinks wine and make merry together.

A Court of Frost and Starlight

After the end of the war against Hybern, Nesta's emotional health takes a turn for the worse. Her lingering trauma over her father's death and her forced transformation into High Fae causes her to become depressed and reclusive, to "feel nothing". She begins to lose control over the power she took from the Cauldron.

Nesta decides to move away from her family and live her life on her own. She moves into an apartment paid for by Rhysand and begins a life of solitude. She regularly goes to the Wolf's Den, the worst tavern in the city, and every night she takes a different male to her bed to serve as a distraction from the pain she feels over the loss of her father, something that marks her in such a way that only she knows. Unknown to the rest, she is not able to light the fire in her fireplace because the sound of the cracking logs reminds her of her father's neck snapping. She can't endure baths or small spaces either as they remind her of when she was thrown in the Cauldron.

When her behavior is questioned, she angrily replies that they have their lives, and she has her own.

Feyre expresses concern over Nesta's seclusion, as she has been refusing invites to the Town House and the House of Wind, and has moved to an apartment in one of the poorest suburbs of Velaris. To her surprise, Feyre finds that Nesta has become close with Amren, allowing her some small relief that she is gathering some form of 'counseling'.

Feyre attempts to reach out to Nesta and visits her apartment, but she isn't home. Rhysand uses his power to find her and winnows them both to the Wolf's Den. Nesta isn't pleased with Feyre's arrival, as she disturbs her card game. Feyre dismisses the males she is drinking with and tries to get Nesta to agree to attend Winter Solstice. Nesta is cold and withdrawn throughout the conversation, offering flat responses, refusing to attend, and questioning why she has to be part of the group.

Nesta is civil until Feyre tries to use their father in her argument, at which point she becomes agitated and tense, and tells her to leave. On the way out, she mentions that her rent is due and Feyre says it will be paid if she attends the party.

Nesta attends Winter Solstice, where Elain is happy to see her, but the rest ignores her and while she is leaving Cassian follows her and attempts to give her a present which she declines. Frustrated at her behavior and how she keeps pushing him away Cassian calls her unlovable and asks her to try for her sisters' sake to which she only replies with "Go home, Cassian" and leaves. After which Cassian throws her gift in the Sidra River.

A Court of Silver Flames

Six months after Winter Solstice, Nesta has begun to further deteriorate emotionally and physically, becoming thinner while spending her time going to bars, drinking liquor, and having various one-night stands. It is also revealed that she feels a dark power inside of her since the War, a result of taking power from the Cauldron whilst inside of it. Her trauma and fear of what she possesses have caused her to become a reclusive foe, scared to even take a bath due to feeling like she is the Cauldron again.

After a night spent with an unnamed male, Cassian arrives at her apartment to tell her that her presence has been requested at the new River House by Feyre. She dismisses the male and angrily goes with Cassian.

At the house, Nesta is slightly hurt to see that her portrait has not being included on the walls with everyone else. She expresses the disappointment that her sisters and the Inner Circle no longer try to invite her anywhere. She is meets Feyre, Rhysand, and Amren, the latter now harboring resentment towards Nesta due to a falling out between them months ago. Irritated by their interference in her life, she lashes out, angering Rhysand, who displays his true nature and uses his authority as High Lord to rudely force her to sit, which she manages to resist until Feyre snaps at him to stop. Her youngest sister then tells Nesta that her behavior has become unacceptable, and she will be cut off financially, if she doesn't move into the House of Wind and spends half of her days training under Cassian and the other half working for the priestesses in the library. Nesta refuses, but is forced to accept once learning that her apartment was already evicted while she was gone and moved into the House of Wind.

After moving into the House of Wind, Nesta learns that she is unable to get liquor while there, and attempts to escape by climbing down the ten-thousand step stairs below the House, but is quickly winded and forced to return. Taken to the Illyrian camp, Windhaven, she refuses to train alongside the misogynist Illyrian males and decides to sit on a rock the entire time instead, much to Cassian's frustration. In the nearby village, she meets Emerie, a shop owner, and comes to her defense when she is being harassed by her cousin, Bellius. They get along, and Emerie promises to make some training clothes for Nesta that will accommodate the cold weather. At the library, Nesta is tasked with shelving books for the priestesses, and interacts with one named Gwyn, who is not intimidated by Nesta's cold personality.

Realizing that the House of Wind is sentient, Nesta befriends it, asking for smutty books.

During her next escape attempt, she progresses some more before becoming exhausted and losing her footing, causing her to stumble down the stairs until she sinks her nails into the steps to stop herself, causing sparks to fly. This worries her, making her feel like it is her dark power, and she rushes back upstairs.

The next day, she meets with Azriel and Cassian for her meal, and banters with Cassian about her bruising from falling down the stairs and her being looked down on by the rest of the Inner Circle. Cassian snaps at her when she accuses Rhys of being an asshole, to which he tells her that everyone hates her and she will not go to the Illyrian village anymore.

Cassian, as an apology, begins to train her at the House of Wind. They make a Fae bargain that if she will train with him for even just an hour that day he will owe her a favor for whatever she reasonably wishes. They strike the bargain, causing large diamond tattoos to appear on their back with the threat of pain if they go back on their deal.

In the library, Gwyn confesses to Nesta about accidentally giving Merrill, a hot-headed priestess, the wrong volume of a book she requested, and fears being punished by her. Nesta decides to help by requesting the House to find the correct volume, and secretly swaps it with the wrong one while in Merrill's office while the priestess is inside and oblivious. Returning to Gwyn, the latter shares that Merrill is doing research on the Valkyries, an ancient group of warrior females who were obliterated in the first war against Hybern. The two Fae females agree to keep in touch.

During training, Nesta reveals to Cassian that she has talked with Gwyn, much to his surprise. He reveals that many of the priestess come from traumatic experiences from males, including Gwyn, whose temple was sacked and the priestesses attacked by Hybern when it was looking for the Cauldron. Some time later, something within the seventh level of the library begins whispering to Nesta, causing her to flee with Gwyn. Nesta tells her that she and Elain were Made, leading Gwyn to theorize that whatever it was must be connected to the Cauldron as well. Cassian later confirms this by explaining the First Gods, creatures with immense power and are difficult to kill. He then asks Nesta about her own powers, having noticed the marks on the stairs that she left. She avoids answering, and he tells her that she is no longer human, but pure Fae, and that she was beautiful to him even as a human. Before they can kiss, she steps away and leaves.

The next morning, Cassian teases her for reading erotica as they head to training. Afterwards, Cassian tells her about Illyrian life, his mother, and the Rite, to which she asks him if he can train the priestesses in the library so they can feel powerful and protected against males again. He happily agrees, and she posts a sign-up sheet in the library. Nobody signs up.

Elain arrives at the library and wishes to talk with Nesta, who is upset to see that Elain looks recovered from her Cauldron trauma and fits in well with the rest of the Inner Circle. The two sisters argue, accusing each other of being unreasonable, to which Elain storms off after Nesta snaps at her for mentioning their father and demands her to leave. Cassian confronts her at the House of Wind, but she refuses to argue, and attempts her escape down the stairs again.

She makes it to a thousand before returning, where Cassian is waiting for her and they return to arguing about what is going on with her, resulting in the two of them kissing and ends with her jacking him off. She then teases him for finishing quickly and leaves him alone for the night.

The next day, the two are summoned by Feyre and Rhysand, with Azriel and Amren there as well. Azriel reveals that Queen Briallyn has allied with the sorcerer Koschei and is looking for the three Dread Trove to help locate the Cauldron pieces with the help of the High Lord Beron and return her youth to her. The Trove, which consist of the Crown, the Harp, and the Mask, were Made, and possess great powers of control and warping, and are currently lost. Rhysand and Feyre demand that Nesta find the Trove before Briallyn does due to her also possessing power she took from the Cauldron, and can scry for it. Nesta reluctantly agrees after learning Feyre cannot look for it due to being two months pregnant. After the meeting, Feyre and Nesta discuss the pregnancy, in which Elain discovered it after catching Feyre vomiting too many times. She wishes Nesta luck in her search and leaves.

Later that night, Cassian walks into Nesta's room to find her reading, and the two talk for a bit before they decide to finally become intimate together. Nesta clarifies that it is only physical, and Cassian agrees before proceeding to orally pleasure her. They go about training the next day like nothing happened, and Nesta watches Cassian practice fighting with Azriel.

Once in the library, Nesta asks Gwyn about the Dread Trove, to which Gwyn says that there is barely any information on it. Nesta mentions the training with Gwyn, who is reluctant. Nesta begins practicing her moves in the library, much to Clotho's frustration, but it succeeds in convincing Gwyn to sign up for training and starts to attend practice.

Returning to the Illyrian village with Cassian, Nesta meets with Emerie again, and embarrasses Bellius when he attempts to intimidate Emerie into giving up her store to his father. Emerie closes shop early and takes Nesta to the back, sharing food and drink with her. She reveals to Nesta about her family, and that her father's side of the family is looking to take over the shop since they don't want a female in charge. Nesta offers the training to her, but Emerie declines, saying she is not sure with her time taken up by the store. Nesta leaves the offer standing just in case.

Some time later, upon seeing Cassian being upset about his encounter with Eris Vanserra about Beron's knowledge of the Trove, she helps to cheer him up by pleasuring him as well. They are about to become intimate together completely when Azriel walks in, barely catching them before they separate and right themselves. She later asks Cassian to see if he can convince Emerie to join the training, which is successful. Nesta, Emerie, and Gwyn become fast friends in training, and share recommendations for romance and smutty books.

The House gives Nesta some bones to use to scry the Trove, but she refuses due to being reminded of the Cauldron and feeling unable to do it. She distracts herself with training and the library.

Merrill confronts her, revealing she knows about her switching the volumes for Gwyn. Nesta intimidates Merrill, daring her to try to provoke someone Made with the powers of the Cauldron. Merrill leaves, and Nesta's standing up to her motivates three more priestesses, Deirdre, Roslin, and Ananke, to join the training. Though she is happy that more priestesses are joining, Nesta begins to feel guilty for advocating about overcoming trauma when she herself is refusing to put her powers to use, and decides to scry for the Trove with the bones the House gave her. The scrying is unsuccessful.

Later that night, Nesta begins to hallucinate that she is in the Cauldron again. She lashes out with her silver flame fire in terror. Rhysand attempts to stop her, but is unable to. Cassian reaches out to her and calms her down, causing her to stop and fall unconcious. Once out, Rhysand reveals to Cassian and Azriel that he sensed the power of Nesta's magic that she stole from the Cauldron, and concludes that it is "pure death."

Nesta awakes and realizes it was all just a nightmare. She sees Cassian asleep in a chair beside her. They have a very brief encounter with Cassian giving direct, blunt answers which Nesta finds odd. Later, Nesta talks about her nightmares with Emerie and Gwyn as they train.

(*to be continued*)

House of Sky and Breath

The following section contains details and spoilers for the Crescent City series

After Bryce Quinlan manages to escape the Asteri by opening a gate to travel through the worlds to reach Hel in order to request aid from the Princes, she accidentally lands somewhere in Velaris near the Sidra River instead, carrying with her the Starsword. Azriel finds her, blindfolds her, and flies her to a residence, carrying her to the living room.

A moment later, the doors to the foyer open and Amren, Cassian and Nesta appear. Bryce sees Amren first, then has the idea to try to communicate with them in the only other language she knew, the ancient language of the Fae, of the Starborn. Amren stagers back, surprised to hear her speak the language as no one has spoken it in their world for fifteen thousand years, and the others gape. Amren notices the Starsword and nods to Azriel's knife, Truth-Teller, at his side. The knife is the twin to the sword as it glimmers with dark light in answer to the sword's white light. Amren whispers that the Starsword is actually Gwydion.

Bryce tells Amren she needs to find Prince Aidas or Apollion, the Prince of the Pit. She replies saying she doesn't know them and that their world is not Hel. At this moment, the front door opens again, Feyre enters the room, Rhysand entering after her. Bryce pleads her case to Amren and she translates to the others. Feyre then asks Bryce for her name, and Amren translates the question. Bryce addresses Rhysand and Feyre noticing they possess an air of authority, and tells them her name. Rhysand steps forward and introduces himself in the Old Language.


Nesta is described as being devastatingly beautiful, with the same golden-brown hair as her sisters and sharp blue-grey eyes. She has full lips with defined features and a thinner build than both her sisters discounting her full breasts. She has an impeccable posture and stands very tall, often described as looking like a queen in her own right.


Nesta comes off as a hot-tempered woman. She is initially portrayed as guarded and stubborn, having built an impenetrable façade over her emotions, heart and mind. Nesta is honest and direct, and will speak her mind. She openly displays her affection for Elain, and not to Feyre, who originally believes that Elain is the only person Nesta truly loves and would do anything to protect. Feyre later realizes that Nesta feels things more strongly than other people, and has built a shield around herself to protect her heart.

Nesta is referred to by Feyre as a queen without a throne, stoic, poised, regal, and judgmental. She confronted and did not back down from the Mortal Queens and High Lords of Prythian. She does not need to resort to violence or power to be intimidating and taken seriously.

As the eldest of the Archeron sisters, she quickly fell under the influence of her mother, for whom status in human society was everything, things like feelings didn't have a place. Which was one of the reasons why Nesta had a hard time admitting much emotion. After she was turned into High Fae it seemed like she was the most likely to get used to that life. In truth, she suffered from the trauma and through her stubbornness, she refused all friendly help. Only training with Cassian, the meditation techniques of the Valkyries, and also her two friends Gwyneth and Emerie seemed to help. Nesta suffered from guilt for a long time because of her dead father. Hated him because she blamed him for their poverty. The fact that he had come to his daughters' aid despite their hatred and was killed in the process gnawed at her badly, and here, too, Cassian in particular helped her to overcome these feelings of emptiness.

Powers and Abilities

Nesta is an ambitious and authoritative character, whose powers are widely unknown. When Nesta was human, her strong-will and walls around her mind, allowed her to resist Tamlin's magic, daemati mind magic, whilst her entire family succumbed to it.

Nesta is the Archeron sister that stole from the Cauldron when she became a High Fae. She took too much from it as revenge. The Bone Carver, a death-god, calls Nesta his sister, as her powers are akin to those of a death-god. The Suriel tells Feyre to use Nesta to track the Cauldron, telling her that the bones will talk to Nesta. When they are tracking the Cauldron, Feyre describes her mind as "an ancient fortress, sharp and brutal.”

In A Court of Silver Flames, after Rhys, Azriel and Cassian calm Nesta down from her nightmare, Rhys reveals that Nesta's powers are "pure death". When her power bubbles to the surface, her eyes glow silver. During her nightmare, she was surrounded by silver flames that burned with cold instead of heat. Lucien described her fire as "Ice so cold it burned. Ice and yet... fluid like flame. Or flame made of ice."

While hunting for the Dread Trove, it is revealed that, because she was Made by the Cauldron, Nesta can control and track the Dread Trove, just like she can track the Cauldron. When Cassian takes her to forge weapons, Nesta accidentally infuses the three objects she works on with the power of the Cauldron, therefore making Ataraxia, a great sword, and a dagger. However, at the end of the book, Nesta returns most of her powers to the Cauldron in exchange for saving Feyre, Nyx and Rhys.

It is confirmed Nesta's power was greater than Rhysand's, as the High Lord himself confesses he's afraid of it, however, after she strikes the bargain with the Cauldron, it is only because of the intervention of the Mother that Nesta didn't lose her powers altogether. It's unknown how much she lost and how much she kept but she is still linked to the Dread Trove.


Feyre Archeron

In A Court of Thorns and Roses, the young huntress has a complicated relationship with her oldest sister Nesta. Feyre thinks Nesta was born with a sneer on her face and the two often bicker. However, Feyre still loves her sister and she warns Nesta that the guy she wishes to marry is not right for her. At the end of the book, Feyre is surprised that Nesta went searching for Feyre after Tamlin took her away. Nesta also listened to Feyre's advice and dumped the guy she was seeing. Feyre realizes that she misunderstood Nesta and the two grow a little closer.

In A Court of Mist and Fury, when Feyre comes to the new estate, Nesta is cold and unwelcoming to Feyre, but she agrees to work with her to protect the Mortal Lands. At the end of the book, Elain and Nesta are forced into the Cauldron and become High Fae.

In A Court of Wings and Ruin, Nesta resents Feyre because she blames her for her and Elain becoming High Fae. Over the course of the novel, both females bond over their shared concern for Elain and the desire to protect the Mortal Lands. However, in A Court of Frost and Starlight, Nesta's mental and emotional health goes downhill, and she pushes everyone away. When Feyre visits Nesta at the Wolf's Den, she tries to convince Nesta to come to the Winter Solstice party, but Nesta refuses. The conversation remains civil until Feyre brings up their father, to which Nesta gets angry. She tells Feyre to leave. Just as Feyre is about to leave, Nesta reminds her that her rent is due soon, and Feyre promises to pay her if she comes to the party. When Nesta arrives, she doesn't speak to anyone, but she does wish Feyre a happy birthday, and says hello to Amren. When the party is over, Feyre gives her enough money to pay for three months rent.

In A Court of Silver Flames, Nesta is called to the River House. There, the Inner Circle informs Nesta that she will either go to the House of Wind and train, or she will be dropped off in the Mortal Lands. Nesta asks to speak with Feyre alone. While alone, and angered by the interference with her life, Nesta and Feyre argue. By the end of it, Nesta said that she will never speak to Feyre again. Later, when discussing the Dread Trove, Nesta asks why Feyre can't go searching for it, Feyre reveals that she is pregnant. Nesta congratulates her, and agrees to search for the Dread Trove. Afterwards, Feyre reveals to Nesta that the baby is a boy. Later on, when Cassian reveals the danger of Feyre's pregnancy, Nesta feels panic for her sister, but agrees to keep the information from her. When Nesta confronts Amren about her vote to keep Nesta's powers secret from her, Feyre shows up to break up the fight. In a moment of anger, Nesta reveals the danger of Feyre's pregnancy to her, which upsets Feyre. Nesta realizes that she went too far, and leaves. During her hike with Cassian, Nesta feels immense guilt over what she did. After retrieving the Harp, Nesta apologizes to Feyre via her (Feyre's) daemati powers. After returning from the Blood Rite, Nesta and Cassian are brought to the River House by Morrigan and Azriel, where they reveal that the baby's wings have caused a tear in Feyre's stomach, which causes Feyre, the baby, and Rhys to nearly die. Nesta uses the Dread Trove to stop Feyre from dying. She tells Feyre she loves her, something she's never done with anyone. She then makes a bargain with the Cauldron giving back most of her powers in exchange for saving Feyre, Nyx and Rhys. When Feyre wakes up, she tells Nesta she loves her too, and Nesta hugs Feyre. At the end of the book, after talking to their father's grave, Nesta rushes to meet her sisters.

Elain Archeron

Elain is on good terms with her sister, Nesta. Nesta is overly protective of Elain and worries about her sanity before she is proclaimed a seer. It goes without saying that Nesta has a soft spot for Elain—she is even able to reason with Nesta and can persuade her to do things that no one else can. In A Court of Frost and Starlight, Elain tries to convince Nesta to come visit them, but Nesta refuses the invitations. One time, Nesta tells Elain that they have their lives, and she has hers, which deeply hurts Elain. When Nesta arrives for the Winter Solstice party, Elain warmly welcomes Nesta, and gives her a book series as a present. They don't talk for the rest of the evening.

During A Court of Silver Flames, her relationship with Elain sours. Elain helps the Inner Circle move Nesta's belongings from her (Nesta's) apartment to the House of Wind. When Elain comes to visit Nesta, they get into an argument, which leaves Elain in tears. At the River House, when Elain reveals that they will use her to track the Cauldron, Nesta replies that she will not allow Elain to do that. Elain stands up to Nesta, and leaves, which shocks Nesta. They don't speak to each other for a majority of the book, including before the Inner Circle visits the Court of Nightmares. They finally speak to each other during the Winter Solstice, where Elain asks Nesta if Feyre paid her to come, like the previous year, which Nesta denies. She asks Nesta not to upset Feyre, to which Nesta replies with "Oh, fuck you." Elain then bursts out laughing, saying that she's never spoken to her like that before, and saying that it is a good thing, while Nesta stands there, confused. When Feyre gives birth, Elain holds Nesta's hand, and they both pray to the Mother. By the end of the book, it seems as if their relationship has improved.


Main article: Cassian and Nesta

Cassian considers Nesta a challenge and a worthy opponent. He initially confronts Nesta for letting Feyre take care of them while she did not do anything to help. Eventually, it is hinted he has a more physical interest in her. Later on, during the second visit of the mortal queens to the family's estate, Cassian promises to help take care of her and her family if a war begins. When they are all trapped in the King of Hybern's castle, he stirs when he hears Nesta screaming, despite being unconscious and having his wings shredded.

In Wings and Embers, Cassian makes sexual advances towards Nesta, asking if she has ever been with a male, which makes Nesta remember nearly being raped by a human named Tomas Mandray. Cassian notices the distress on her face and realizes Nesta had a bad experience with a male and tells her he will hunt the male down if Nesta wishes.

During A Court of Wings and Ruin Cassian is shown to treat Nesta flirtatiously. They show feelings towards each other with sly glances and Cassian making his sexual jokes. When Cassian is injured, Nesta waited outside his tent until she heard that he was going to be okay. When the King of Hybern injures Cassian severely, Nesta refuses to leave him and shields his body with her own, for if one of them was going to die, the other would die with them. Cassian kisses Nesta and tells her he wishes they had more time.

After the war with Hybern, Nesta withdraws from the Inner Circle and her family. Cassian struggles with his feelings for her, and she struggles with her feelings towards him.

In A Court of Frost and Starlight, Cassian is struggling with what is happening with Nesta. He and Nesta have not spoken at all, or only exchanging a few words here and there. He visits his mother's supposed grave, not knowing if she was buried here, yet his thoughts get distracted by Nesta, though he ignores them. Cassian mentions that he has multiple poses for Nesta, ranging from "I Will Eat Your Eyes For Breakfast" to "I Don't Want Cassian to Know I'm Reading Smut." While "decorating," Cassian and Feyre get drunk and he makes a joke about Amren. Amren teases him about starting a war he can't win, especially with Nesta coming for Solstice in two days. Cassian's mood changes and he snaps at Amren. She also says that she will enjoy seeing Nesta shred Cassian if she is sober enough. Cassian tries to avoid anything concerning Nesta for a while until Solstice. When Nesta shows up to Solstice, Cassian tries to act relaxed and the entire time they do not speak a word to each other.

After dinner, Nesta leaves after Feyre pays her rent and gives her extra money. Cassian chases after her and goes to walk her home, on the other side of the city. He notes that Nesta has lost weight, but still looks as beautiful as she did when he met her at her father's house. Nesta notices something in his hand and Cassian explains that it is a gift for her. She says she doesn't want it or anything from him. Cassian thinks back on how he tells himself that he doesn't care she is having sex with different males and he doesn't care who she lost her virginity to. He tells himself that he doesn't want to know if he means anything to her. They argue some more before she turns to leave and he grabs her hand, pleading with her to talk to him. She gives him a vicious look, then walks away leaving him behind. Cassian throws her present into the Sidra before he flies after her until she gets into her apartment. He waits on a nearby roof until she blows her candle out. Cassian goes back to the town house late in the night and knocks back a drink before going to his shared room with Azriel and Mor follows him.

In A Court of Silver Flames, Nesta learns from Rhys and the Inner Circle that she is to go to Illyria and train with Cassian. Cassian flies them down to the House of Wind where they will stay together, much to her annoyance. The next morning, Cassian tries to convince Nesta to eat porridge because her training will require it. Nesta says no and stands firm with her decision. Cassian, fed up with Nesta, is upfront with her and says, not eating won't bring her father back. At this, Nesta stands up and spews a series of curses. Once Cassian finishes his breakfast, Nesta gives in and eats everything. Before they leave for training, Nesta remembers when she was with Cassian at the war.

Once at training, Nesta humiliates Cassian by refusing to train; his face twists in disgust and that was the end of that. Later that week, Nesta tried to take the 10,000 stairs to the house of wind. She only makes it a small percentage before she returns. Once she reaches the top, she was panting and disgruntled. Cassian stood right at the door she entered, smirking. Nesta continues to refuse to train with Cassian, but Feyre helps him realize how he could convince her.

The day after, Cassian doesn't bring Nesta to Windhaven, instead they train on the training ring above the House of the Wind. Cassian realizes that Nesta isn't willing to make a fool of herself in front of the other Illyrians and that's why she didn't want to train. Since Nesta is still a little hesitant, Cassian makes a bargain with her- if she does one hour of exercises, he'll owe her a favor of any kind. Right after, a tattoo appears on both of them signaling the bargain was successful. Cassian trains Nesta on how to control her movements and balance her weight.

The next day, Nesta arrives late to training with Cassian. After training, the two get into a somewhat deep conversation. After, Cassian and Nesta are flirtatious with each other. At breakfast, tension is in the air and Nesta and Cassian are uncomfortable. Nesta struggles with the exercises so Cassian does the entire set to demonstrate, impressing Nesta. After, Nesta and Cassian talk about the Illyrians and the Blood Rite,

Nesta reaches step a thousand of ten-thousand before she feels dizzy. At the top, Cassian waits for her. He tells her about his "special journey" as Nesta nicknames it. More than she wants to admit it, Cassian aggravates her. Nesta and Cassian kiss for the first time. Nesta convinces herself it was just to knock the smirk off his face. Nesta pleasures Cassian until he comes. Before leaving, she doesn't forget to leave a snide remark.

The next day, Cassian goes to Nesta's room to ‘settle a debt’ between them from the previous night, and now he is the one to please her.

Later, Cassian gives Nesta a copy of The Dance of Battle, very different from her usual romance books. At dinner, Cassian is distant and Nesta asks him why. He ends up revealing bad things that Eris had called him. At this, shame and rage fills Nesta. Nesta gets up and kisses his neck. One thing leads to another and Nesta pleasures Cassian to cheer him up. Azriel ends up interrupting Nesta and Cassian's moment.

After Gwyn, Emerie, and Nesta train, Rhys comes to pick Emerie up. He tells Nesta that she is to treat Gwyn with kindness and respect, she gets upset and Cassian defends Nesta, telling Rhys to stop assuming the worst of her.

Later, Nesta attempts to scry, Cassian is with her as a tether. At night, Nesta feels darkness tugging her and screams. Cassian sees Nesta's face, a mask of pure terror, her body surrounded in silver fire. At the sound of Cassian's voice and Rhys's darkness Nesta stops screaming, she falls into unconsciousness. Rhys, who saw into Nesta's mind said her power is pure death. When Nesta wakes up, the only person remaining in her room was Cassian.

When Nesta is eating dinner, Cassian enters with a split lip and bloodied face. Cassian and Nesta make out again.

Nesta tries scrying again this time with Amren, Rhys, Azriel and Feyre. Nesta's fingers go cold. Nesta begins to lose herself, and Cassian begs for help. Neither Feyre nor Rhys can get her out. In their final attempts, Cassian talks to Nesta and then kisses her. Nesta regains consciousness and without realizing it, Cassian warmed the entire room.

Later, while Nesta is bathing, Cassian delivers her food. One thing leads to another and Cassian and Nesta make out again.

Nesta and Cassian begin working with swords after Nesta comments asking why they haven't gotten to that yet. Cassian brings Nesta to a blacksmith to teach her how blades are made. After Nesta learns how to make blades and makes one of her own, Cassian gives Nesta fifteen minutes to spar.

Helion comes for a visit, and that night, Cassian and Nesta make out again.

After a big fight with the Inner Circle, Cassian finds Nesta, carries her and flies away out of the city. They fly into the mountains, where they will be hiking. During the hike, Nesta's face remains blank and she begins to not care about anything that can happen. For the next two days, Nesta does not speak. Suddenly, Nesta faints. Cassian asks her when she last drank water but Nesta doesn’t respond, her eyes vacant. She falls asleep soon after. They reveal their feeling to each other once Nesta breaks down during the hike, Cassian tells Nesta she's worth it and Nesta breaks down. Cassian talks about his mother whose death destroyed him. They end up practicing sword fighting which Nesta does perfectly.

They go to the Prison to retrieve the Harp. While there, Nesta kisses Cassian on the cheek and they joke about Ataraxia, her sword, among other things. The moment is ruined when Lanthys is found to be out of his cell. Cassian and Nesta begin fighting with Lanthys, Cassian is willing to do anything for Nesta to get out. Nesta runs, but soon returns, using the Harp to save Cassian.

Once Cassian is healed from the fight with Lanthys, he and Nesta go visit her old house and she tells him about her childhood.

There is a ball in the Hewn City. Rhysand has Nesta dance with Eris to try to find an alliance with him. Cassian is in awe of how beautiful of a dancer she is, he pushes Eris away (to Rhysand's dismay) and dances with her himself. It is revealed he had Mor teach him the week prior so he could impress her.

Cassian and Nesta arrive at the river house to finish celebrating the Winter Solstice. For the Solstice the year prior, Cassian got Nesta one of the first printed books in existence. This Solstice, he gifted Nesta a Symphonia, a device that traps music and allows you to replay it. At first, Nesta refuses the gift but then confesses she isn't good enough for Cassian. They confess their love for each other.

Nesta and Cassian meet Eris. Nesta declines Eris's offer of marriage, much to Cassian's relief. Later, Cassian takes Nesta to the Sidra to walk for a little. They talk about mates and Nesta says it just a word. Cassian then asks Nesta to admit they're mates, she refuses. He ends up getting frustrated and says he doesn't like being shackled to her either. Nesta then decides to call in her favor from the bargain and tells Cassian to go up to the House of Wind for the night and to not speak to her until she comes to talk to him, or until a week has passed.

After the Valkyries are forced into the Blood Rite, Cassian worries about Nesta. Azriel tells him that if anything happened to her, he would feel it in his heart.

In the Blood Rite, Bellius and Nesta keep fighting until they are interrupted by Cassian and Briallyn. Cassian begs her to kill him because he is under Briallyn's mind control. Briallyn tells Nesta she will either trade her the Trove or her mate's life. Nesta doesn't do anything so Briallyn gives the order to kill, but because she doesn't specify who, Cassian tries to take his own life instead of Nesta's. Nesta's power explodes. She dissolves Briallyn and what remains is the Crown. Nesta runs to Cassian and they admit their status of mates to one another.

Later, Cassian and Nesta talk. Nesta tells him she changed herself too, like Feyre should she want kids. They confess their love and at the end of the book, they are three days away from celebrating their mating ceremony in the small temple on the ground of the River House.

Gwyneth Berdara

During Nesta and Gwyn's conversation, Nesta had been rude and mean. Gwyn had not seen the slightest bit fazed and continued to talk with her. One day, Gwyn had panicked giving Merrill the wrong book and did not want a tongue lashing from her. Nesta had stepped up and switched the copy of books just to help Gwyn. Nesta often offers Gwyn to join her and Cassian to train, but Gwyn turns her down. Until one day, she shows up and learns to fight because she did not want to be weak anymore. Gwyn and Nesta become fast friends after this and during the Blood Rite, Gwyn refused to leave Nesta. Nesta had forced Gwyn to go to save her and Gwyn said she would never be able to forgive Nesta. Even though she still is happy to see her.


Nesta meets Amren in A Court of Wings and Ruin. They bond over the fact that they are both beings that are trapped in the bodies of High Fae, and the anger that resides in both of them. Amren offers to train Nesta, and Nesta accepts. The two become good friends. Nesta and Amren get along well due to the rage and fire they keep hidden, and due to her braveness and lack of fear when asking her questions and not submitting to Amren's intimidating presence. Amren also sees herself in Nesta, telling her "We are the same, you and I".

In A Court of Frost and Starlight, Amren reveals to Feyre that Nesta comes over to her apartment, where they talk and solve jigsaw puzzles together. When Feyre asks about what is going on with Nesta, Amren says that she likes Nesta, and therefore is not prone to gossiping all of her business to anyone. Feyre asks Amren to convince Nesta to come to the Winter Solstice party, but Amren says she will make no promises. When Nesta arrives, Amren tells Elain to bring Nesta to where the food is. Amren wishes Nesta a happy solstice, and Nesta compliments Amren's earrings.

Unfortunately, in A Court of Silver Flames, the two's relationship has deteriorated. After the War, during the end-of-summer party on the river barge, Amren tells Nesta that Feyre suggests that they work together. Nesta, seeing this as Amren taking Feyre's side, gets upset and the two get into an altercation. During their fight, Amren calls Nesta "a pathetic waste of life". Afterward, Nesta rushes to the front of the line to get off the barge, leaving Amren brooding, shaking with rage and disgust. When the Inner Circle summons Nesta, Amren tells her that she looks atrocious, but that is hard to look good when she was drinking 24/7 and fucking anything that moved her way. Nesta gets upset, and tries to leave, but Rhys forces her to sit down. Amren informs Nesta of her belonging being moved to the House of Wind, and Cassian notes a flicker of worry in Amren's eyes as she looks at Nesta. When Nesta says that she is not part of the Night Court, Amren reminds her that she never officially resigned as the Night Court's Emissary to the Mortal Lands, therefore still making her a member of that court. When Cassian reveals that Nesta is refusing to train, Amren tells him to keep reaching out his hand. When they are discussing the Dread Trove, Amren and Nesta mostly ignore each other. When Nesta goes to Amren's apartment to confront her about her decision to keep her powers secret from her, the two again argue. During the fight, Amren tells Nesta that no matter what she does, nothing will change until she reflects upon herself. When Feyre shows up, and Nesta reveals the danger of the pregnancy to Feyre, Amren is furious with Nesta, telling her that she hopes that she is content with what she's done. During the Winter Solstice party, Amren ignores Nesta. During Starfall, when Nesta laughs, Amren approaches her. Nesta apologizes to Amren for what she's done, which shocks Amren. The two then reconcile, with Amren welcoming Nesta back into the Night Court.


The pair are very close, with Nesta even going on to call Emerie one of her chosen sisters. Emerie is said to be very much like Nesta in personality. Cassian even goes on to note that they both had the 'I will slay my enemies' pose.


  • The name, Nesta, is the Welsh diminutive of the name Agnes,[8] meaning "pure".[9]
  • Upon seeing her for the first time, Lord Devlon asks her if she is a witch due to the aura of power she radiates. He continues to call her a witch despite being told she is not a witch.
  • Her father had a ship named after her, as well as two others named after her sisters.
  • Nesta enjoys romance novels, especially smutty ones.
  • Nesta is the tallest of the Archeron sisters, standing two inches above Feyre, however, their exact heights are not known.[10]
  • Sarah J. Maas revealed that she originally intended for Nesta to be a stereotypical fairy tale evil sister, but after writing Nesta back at the estate in A Court of Thorns and Roses, Nesta's character development and potential exploded, leading to the Nesta we know today.
  • Sarah J. Maas originally intended to pair Nesta up with Lucien but later realized that these characters would "tear each other apart, and not in a good way."
  • Sarah J. Maas stated that Nesta would be a Slytherin if she attended Hogwarts.[11]


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  3. In chapter 23 of A Court of Mist and Fury it is said that a year had passed since Feyre killed Andras, which happened at the beginning of the first book, so in A Court of Mist and Fury Nesta is 23 years old.
  4. In A Court of Frost and Starlight Feyre turns 21, hence Nesta turned 24 that spring, and is 24 throughout the book.
  5. In A Court of Silver Flames Nesta says her birthday had passed that spring, and Cassian says in Chapter 15 that Nesta is 25: "You have twenty-five years of bad habits to break." Although we don't know Nesta's birthday month specifically there is a possibility she is 26 or would soon be 26 by the last chapter of the book, Chapter 80 as it is mentioned that spring was in full bloom by then, but since spring covers three months (March, April, May) we don't know if her birthday was celebrated at that point in the story or was still to come as it isn't mentioned thus remaining unconfirmed.
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