Nesta's apartment is located in the only slum-like location in Velaris. It's located on the third floor in a ramshackle building on the north side of the Sidra River. The building is in need of new paint and new floors. The apartment has a green-painted door and is run down. It consists of a small living area, a cracked and ancient kitchenette, a dim and cramped bedroom, and a small bathroom. The living area has a sagging couch, a soot-stained hearth, and a moth-eaten armchair. She keeps four locks on the door.

Nesta got the apartment after the events of A Court of Wings and Ruin. It is seen for the first time in A Court of Frost and Starlight. Rhysand has erected wards around the entire building. Feyre pays Nesta's rent.

There are columns of books on the floor and piles of clothing. The bedroom contains a brass poster bed. The window is cracked and the floors are wooden and creaky. The rusty and leaky bathroom is attached to the bedroom. However, it does have hot running water, sometimes. Inside the bathroom is a ancient, cracked, and stained tub. The entire place is dark with little light. In the living room is a brass hook by the door for hanging a coat or scarf.

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