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This unnamed Fae is a Seraphim general and the wife of Nephelle.


She is a general of the Seraphim Legion of Drakon and requests that her lover, Nephelle, be able to take a test to enter the Legion. As Nephelle was born with very small and misshapen wings, she is not able to fly to the rhythm of others and can not bear the weight of a Seraphim shield for long, due to this she is not allowed to enter the legion and becomes a cartographer instead. In this position, she was very helpful in the War between mortals and faeries as she was able to find geographical advantages.

When Drakon and his mortal lover Miryam freed the slaves of the Black Land the Seraphim managed to convince the spirits of the sea to open the waters and make way for the fifty a thousand people who crossed it. Miryam was in charge of supervising the passage and refused to cross until every mortal had done so, so she was attacked by the Queen of the Black Land who ruled the territory and is fatally stabbed.

Everyone believes that Miryam has already crossed the sea with the others but Nephelle sees the attack of the Queen and goes to help her best friend. Only this Fae noticed the disappearance of both of them and raised the alarm.

Nephelle finds Miryam injured and too weak to walk so she carries her and takes her flying, something that later no one can explain since she is not able to carry a shield three times less weight for a long time and also her misshapen wings do not allow her to fly well. Anyway, she manages to save her friend and that night her lover asks her to marry her.

Since then they live on Cretea, a secret island whose location few people know and where mortals and Fae live in peace.

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