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These were women who, despite their finery, did not care if they were young or old, fat or thin, short or tall. Those things were secondary; those things were a sleight of hand.

Feyre Archeron

The Mortal Queens are the six queens that rule over the Mortal Lands realms on Prythian as well as the Continent.



  • Vassa
  • Unnamed
  • Unnamed
  • Unnamed



At the end of the War, the immortals signed a Treaty with the Mortal Queens of the time and established the Wall. The queens were given one half of the Book of Breathings to guard in their shining palace by the sea on the Continent.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Hybern contacts the Queens sending Jurian as their representative. Vassa sees through his lies and asks the other Queens to not ally with them and to rally their armies. The greedy Queens feel threatened by Vassa and decide to get her out their way by enslaving her to a death lord who curses her to transform into a firebird during the day and binds her to a lake in the Continent.

Rhysand contacts the Queens several times and requests for their half of the Book of Breathings to use against Hybern.

They agree to meet with Rhysand and his Inner Circle in the Archeron family mansion. Once assembled, the five of them lie that Vassa is ill and refuse to give their part of the Book stating that they might consider it if Rhysand showed them something good and noble he did.

When they meet Rhys the next time, only two of them arrive. Rhysand shows them the beauty of Velaris through Veritas, and tells them that the rumours of his cruelty were spread by him to protect his city and its inhabitants. The Queens said they are grateful for their confidence but are still unsure whether to give them their half of Book. Before leaving, the oldest Queen, shows them a letter sent by Rhysand, where he told them that he loves Feyre and wants a better world where she can visit her sisters without having to face hatred. Once they leave, Rhys discovers the other half of the book under the chair of Demetra, the golden Queen. She loved Rhysand's letter and wanted a better world. She asks them not to reveal that she gave the Book knowing that the other Queens would kill her.

Upon discovering that their half of the book is missing, the Queens murder Demetra and ally with Hybern, lured by the prospect of becoming immortal. They tell the King of Hybern about Velaris, who sends a legion led by the Attor to attack the city. Demetra's impaled body is used as a show of warning during the battle.

Later, when Feyre, Morrigan, Cassian, and Azriel infiltrate Hybern to power the Cauldron and are trapped by the king, the Queens are present to see a demonstration of how the Cauldron could turn someone mortal immortal. When the King turns Nesta and Elain Archeron into High Fae, the Queens smile with greed of turning immortal and reigning forever. When Nesta went into the Cauldron, she stole a lot of its powers, so when Briallyn goes into the Cauldron after Nesta, she comes out as a withered crone.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

The Queens return to their kingdom and wait in their palace for Hybern's orders. The King's Ravens, while hunting Nesta and Feyre in the grand library of the Night Court, reveal that the queens have not entered the Cauldron because they are too scared of it after what happened to Briallyn. Furious about it, Briallyn swore revenge on Nesta. Elain, having gained seer powers from the Cauldron, sees visions of Vassa, who rages in her firebird form over the lake she is bound to. Lucien Vanserra volunteers to go on a quest to find Vassa, gain her as an ally and break her curse. Having already guessed the intentions of the other Queens, Mr. Archeron made a bargain with Koschei for a brief reprieve from Vassa's enslavement to the lake. Lucien leads them back to Prythian and Vassa and her army help them win the war against Hybern.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

Vassa lives with Lucien and Jurian in a manor in the Mortal Lands until she has to go back to the lake again. The other Queens flee back to their palace and go into hiding, while Briallyn allies herself with Koschei to find the Cauldron, regain her youth, and seek revenge against Nesta. She attacks Nesta during the Illyrian Blood Rite, but gets killed by Nesta instead.


  1. The eldest queen is brown-skinned with sharp, cold eyes, and an unbent posture despite her wrinkled face. She wore an embroidered wool dress of deepest blue.
  2. The first middle-aged queen wears black, has fair skin and a face hewn from granite. She frowns often and wears a silver ring.
  3. The second middle-aged queen wears white, has dark skin and a sweet face. She smiles often and wears a silver ring.
  4. The second youngest queen was in her mid twenties. She had black hair, black eyes and careful cunning oozing from her every pore. After submerging herself in the Cauldron, she transformed into a withered Fae crone. Her name was Briallyn. She was killed by Nesta on Ramiel during the Blood Rite.
  5. The youngest queen had riotously curly golden hair, eyes of purest amber and brown, freckled skin dusted with gold. She was described as a lion in human flesh. Named Demetra, she was murdered by her fellow queens when they found out that she gave their part of the Book of Breathings to the Night Court. Her body was displayed as a warning during the attack on Velaris.
  6. The sixth queen is named Vassa. She was sold by the other queens to the death lord known as Koschei and cursed to become a firebird during the day. She is a beautiful woman with freckled golden-brown skin, silky reddish-gold hair, thick dark lashes and stunning, large, up-tilted blue eyes. She is fiery, untamed and unfaltering.


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