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The Mortal Lands are realms south of The Wall that belong to the mortals.


Half of the mortal lands are located south of Prythian while the other half are located south in the Continent.


Before the signing of the Treaty between mortals and faeries, both species lived together in the world but mortals were slaves. Then the War broke out and as a way to seek peace the faeries who supported the mortals, after winning, signed a Treaty with them and the Wall was established.

At the time of signing the treaty, the Mortal Queens of the time were entrusted with one of the two halves of the Book of Breathings since it contains the spell that could take away the power to the Cauldron, which could be used to destroy the wall and re-enslave mortals.

The War ended with a treaty that established the Wall, and gave humans the right to kill Fae that crossed the Wall and provoked them.

Nowadays, those who live in the Mortal Lands greatly despise the Fae, and will believe anything or do anything to keep them away. Yet there are some who refuse to believe that the Fae have done anything wrong, and worship them. These mortals are called the Children of the Blessed, and are regarded in a bad light among the other mortals.

The Mortal Lands are still plagued by wicked faeries that sneak across the Wall and attack villages closest to it.

On the Continent in the south are the largest mortal kingdoms once ruled by six mortal queens, two of whom are now dead. South of Prythian a small portion of the island belongs to mortals.

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Mortal Lands
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