The Mortal Lands are lands south of The Wall that belong to the Mortals (the Humans).

The Mortal lands were given to the humans after the War.


Years ago, before the Wall, the Mortal Lands had no protection from the faeries, and humans were often terrorized and killed by the Fae. This eventually led to a War between the humans and the Fae. Many were killed.

The War ended with a treaty that established the Wall, and gave humans the right to kill Fae that crossed the Wall and provoked them. The Mortal Lands are still plagued by wicked faeries that sneak across the Wall and attack villages closest to it.

Nowadays, those who live in the Mortal Lands greatly despise the Fae, and will believe anything or do anything to keep them away. Yet there are some who refuse to believe that the Fae have done anything wrong, and worship them. These mortals are called the Children of the Blessed, and are regarded in a bad light among the other mortals.


Known residents of the Mortal lands are:


  • One half of the Book of Breathings is located in the Mortal Lands, in possession of the Mortal Queens.
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