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It was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Mist and Fury

The Moonstone Palace is the private residence of the High Lord of the Night Court, situated above the Court of Nightmares.


The Moonstone Palace is made entirely of moonstone and is perched above a gray-stoned mountain. Its halls are open to the elements, with no windows to be found, just towering pillars and gossamer curtains, swaying in a jasmine-scented breeze. It is protected by magic that keeps the palace warm despite the high altitude and the snow coating the mountains outside.

Inside there are seating, dining, and work areas sectioned off with curtains, lush plants, or thick rugs scattered over the moonstone floor. These areas are decorated with a few balls of light bobbing in the breeze, along with colored-glass lanterns dangling from the arches of the ceiling. A wall of white marble is broken occasionally by open doorways leading into dim stairwells. The far end of the main hall ends in a veranda open to the stars. The veranda acts as a dining room, with a small glass table gleaming like quicksilver at its center, surrounded by a set of three upholstered chairs where Feyre Archeron and Rhysand eat breakfast, with the occasional visit from Morrigan. The Moonstone Palace is also equipped with a library where Rhysand teaches Feyre how to read and shield her mind. A war room is situated in a round chamber at the top of a tower. A circular, black table of stone occupies the center, while the largest stretch of uninterrupted gray stone wall is covered in a massive map of their world. There are many windows throughout the room. On the table is a map of Prythian and Hybern.

Feyre's Bedroom[]

My room was... a dream.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Mist and Fury

Feyre's bedroom in the Moonstone Palace is described as a room that is fit for an empress. It is located on the right side of the palace, the first door one level down from the main hall. Its windows are open to the elements beyond, no glass or shutters, and sheer amethyst curtains flutter in the unnatural, soft breeze. There is a large bed with creamy white-and-ivory bedding and pillows, blankets, and throws for days. The space is made even more inviting by the twin golden lamps beside the bed. An armoire and dressing table occupy one wall, framed by glass-less windows. Across the room, a chamber with a porcelain sink and toilet lay behind an arched wooden door. The bathtub is actually a pool, hanging right off the mountain itself. Its far edge seems to disappear into nothing. A narrow ledge on the adjacent wall is lined with fat, guttering candles. The entire space is open, air, plush, and calm.

Guest Room[]

When Nesta spends the night in the palace her room is opulent, overhanging the side of the mountain. The bed is piled with white linens and pillows. There is a sunken open air bathing pool, the water spilling over the lip that projects above the drop and trickling into the endless fall below.[1]


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

After Rhysand breaks into the wedding of Feyre and Tamlin responding to Feyre's call for help, he takes the latter to the Night Court as part of the bargain to spend a week a month with him in exchange for his help in Under the Mountain. He takes her to his private residence located on top of the mountain where the Hewn City or Court of Nightmares is located.

According to him, no one from the court is allowed to enter his palace if they do not want to die, with the exception of his cousin Morrigan who, when she is not in Velaris, stays in the palace as she hates spending time in the Court of Nightmares where her family and the worst Fae of the Night Court live.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

When Rhys asks Keir, the steward of the Hewn City and Mor's father, for his support in the war, he tells him that he wills if Rhys gives him access to this palace and Velaris.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

When Nesta Archeron retrieves the Mask from the Bog of Oorid, she is taken to the Mountain Palace to rest, Rhysand uses his magic to guard the Mask in a room with impenetrable wards. When Rhysand and the Inner Circle finish interrogating the Autumn Court soldiers that had attacked them in the Bog of Oorid, they go up to the palace to the room where the Mask is. When Rhysand opens the door he is surprised to see Nesta sitting on the table staring at the cloth-covered Mask. He asks her how she got in, and she simply replies that the door was open. They talk for a while about Nesta, Cassian and Azriel's ordeal retrieving the Mask, and they stay in the palace for the night at Feyre's suggestion.

Nesta uses the pool in her bedroom to bathe. Cassian knocks on the door, when he enters he is carrying a tray of food for her, which he almosts drops when he sees she is not on the bed but bathing in the pool. He leaves the tray on the desk and is about to leave but Nesta asks him if he wants to get in the bath with her. Cassian is reluctant because Nesta is hurt, to which she stands up naked and walks to stand before him. He asks her if he wants to, to which she replies that she does but makes it clear that it's just sex, which they agree to do for the first time.

Later on, Helion visits the Hewn City to assess the Autumn Court soldier that had been captured earlier on. When he finishes he goes up to the Moonstone Palace to talk with the Inner Circle about his findings and they tell him everything related to Briallyn and the Dread Trove. They then go to Nesta, who is again at the palace so that Helion can teach her warding magic.


  • When Rhysand sent the music to Feyre in her cell Under the Mountain she probably has a vision of the Moonstone Palace: "Up and up, building to a palace in the sky, a hall of alabaster and moonstone, where all that was lovely and kind and fantastic dwelled in peace. [...] Everything I wanted was there-the one I loved was there."


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