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I approached the mercenary, whose thick, dark hair was shorn to her chin. Her tan face seemed hewn of granite, and her black eyes narrowed slightly at the sight of me.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The mercenary is a woman who is one day at the market in the village where Feyre Archeron and her family lived.


Early Life[]

The mercenary claimed that she used to work for an old nobleman who believed that the faerie land of Prythian had gotten worse in the last fifty years. He got a boat to the south and told the mercenary that she should leave. Before he left his estate, the old nobleman admitted that he'd had word from one of his friends that a pack of martax has crossed the wall and destroyed a village.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

When Feyre kills a wolf in the forest, she decides to skin the animal and sell the wolf pelt in the market. She meets with a mercenary and offers her the wolf skin and the doe hide for money.

The mercenary gave Feyre a large sum of money for the wolf, more than it was worth, and warned her not to go into the woods because strange things were happening by the border of Prythian. She also warns her of the martax and how they recently destroyed a village. To emphasize the danger of Prythian, the mercenary shows her the scars she gained in a fight with a faerie.

A week after Feyre is taken into the Prythian, Nesta Archeron hires the mercenary to take her into the forest and to the wall, in an attempt to save Feyre. However, they are unable to enter Prythian and thus return back to the mortal village.[1]


The mercenary is a large, strong woman with dark hair that reached her chin. Her eyes were a mixture of black and brown. Her face is described as tanned. Feyre guessed that she was around twenty-five to thirty years of age. She has several scars. The veins of her leg are ink black because of the poison injected after a Martax bit her.


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