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They left the villagers in literal ribbons...

–A mercenary to Feyre - A Court of Thorns and Roses

Martax are a species of Faerie that hunt and kill humans.


Martax have large bodies as big as a bear's, and a head that resembles a lion's. They have three rows of teeth sharper than a shark's.


Martax are very vicious predators. They are described as being meaner than a bear, lion and shark put together, and like to shred their victims to pieces. It is unknown whether they actually eat humans or simply kill them.


Prior to the events of the series the martax were released into Prythian, along with other dark faeries, as a result of Prythian's borders being weakened by Amarantha's curse.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

Feyre and her sisters go to their village market to sell her latest catch. While her sisters walk off to explore, Feyre approaches a female mercenary and offers to sell her the pelts she has. They strike up a conversation, and the mercenary mentions a recent attack on a village in the North wherein a pack of martax raided a village in the dead of night and tore half the village apart. Feyre is disturbed by the mercenary's description of the attack and the martax themselves. [1]


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