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Madja is a healer who lives in Velaris.


Madja is responsible for healing many of the Inner Circle's injuries, most notably Azriel, Cassian, and Rhysand. During the War she healed Rhys's wings.

When Morrigan is dumped in the border of the Autumn Court after being tortured by her father with a note nailed to her belly stating that she was Eris's problem. Azriel rescued her and brought her to Rhysand. Madja heals her until no trace of those nails marred her stomach.[1]

At some point, when Clotho is brought to the library by Mor, it's Madja who tends to her injuries.[2]

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

After seeing Elain Archeron's mental state, Feyre Archeron sends a request for Madja, Rhysand's preferred healer, to see if there are any problems with Elain's condition. The next day, Madja arrives at eleven in the morning and attempts to find any issues. However, Madja finds nothing, and informs Elain and Nesta Archeron that her physical condition is good, though a little thin due to her refusal to eat. Her mind however is shielded, due to being Cauldron-Made, but she does believe that her symptoms match well to victims of trauma. She further suggests that Lucien Vanserra may be able to help her, due to being her mate.

While saving Briar and Elain from the King of Hybern, Azriel sustains major damage to his wings. Rhys sends for Madja to heal his wings. She manages to heal the damage, though warns Azriel that he is not strong enough to fly yet.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

As Winter Solstice approaches, Elain speaks to Madja to make a powder as a gift for Azriel. This powder would help with his headaches, something she noticed when she sees him touch his forehead regularly.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

After Feyre becomes pregnant, she has regular appointments with Madja. Her magic allows her to glean the general shape of the baby in Feyre's womb. She confirms to Rhysand the baby has wings despite being only 1/4 Illyrian and he knows that Feyre will most likely die during childbirth. She only mentions an elevated risk during labor to Feyre who remains oblivious to the truth. She forbids Feyre from using her shape-shifting powers as it could put the baby at risk.

After Nesta and Cassian visit the Prison and Cassian is injured she tends to and heals his head and arm fractures but warns him to go easy until he is fully healed.

Later when Feyre goes into early labor Madja delivers the baby. The baby becomes wedged in the birth canal and Feyre is losing too much blood. Through her magic she can feel the baby's heartbeat and says he is in distress. After Mor asks her what do they do, she tells her that there is nothing they can do as cutting the baby out of Feyre will kill her, and the baby as well as he is too small yet. Feyre tells her to do it anyway. Madja tells Rhysand to use his daemati abilities to take Feyre's pain away and she grabs her set of knives to make the incision. When she cuts out the winged baby, he doesn't make a sound and she hands him to Mor. Then Feyre starts to die, and Rhysand is being hauled away from her by Cassian and Azriel so Madja can continue trying to save Feyre and tell her to fight.

Nesta feels Death hoovering nearby. She decides to wear the Mask, the Crown and cradle the Harp in her arms and plucks the twenty-sixth string, the string of Time itself. She stops time as Feyre takes her last breath. She makes a bargain with the Cauldron and gives back the power she had stolen from it in exchange for saving Feyre and the baby.

Madja examines Feyre's healing noticing she now has an Illyrian's anatomy, and tells her to feed the now healthy baby.


Madja is a High Fae with dark skin, spindrift hair, and brown eyes. She is old with wrinkles on her skin. She is described as 'ancient' by Feyre. Despite her age, her eyes are still clear and kindled with an inner warmth. She has knobby hands that remain steady. Her healing magic is described as sweet and cooling.


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