Madja is a healer who lives in Velaris.


Madja is responsible for healing many of the Inner Circle's injuries, most notably Azriel, Cassian and Rhysand. During the War she healed Rhys's wings.

A Court of Wings and Ruin

After seeing Elain's mental state, Feyre sends a request for Madja, Rhysand's preferred healer, to see if their are any problems with Elain's condition. The next day, Madja arrives at eleven and attempts to find any issues. However, Madja finds nothing, and informs Elain and Nesta that her physical condition is good, though a little thin. Her mind however is shielded, due to being Cauldron-Made, but does believe that her symptoms match well to victims of trauma. She further suggests that Lucien may be able to help her, due to being her Mate.

While saving Briar and Elain from the King of Hybern, Azriel sustains major damage to his wings. Rhys sends for Madja to heal his wings. She manages to heal the damage, though warns Azriel that he is not strong enough to fly yet.

Physical appearance

Maja is a High Fae with dark skin and brown eyes. She is old with wrinkles on her skin. She is described as 'ancient' by Feyre.


Night Court
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