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Being Made is a magical process in which an object or a being is turned into something more. Only Made beings can speak certain spells and summon certain powers.[1] Made beings and objects can usually recognize other Made beings and objects. Made beings can wield Made objects' magic. Additionally, since "like calls to like" Made beings can track Made objects.

Made objects are immune to certain magic like the power of the Blood Rite.[2] Carrying a Made object can protect the wearer from the effects of another.[3]

The opposite of being Made is being Unmade.


  • A mortal can be turned into a High Fae. It can be done with the aid of the Cauldron, like in Nesta and Elain Archeron's case, or thanks to great power, like the power of all the seven High Lords, like in Feyre Archeron's case.
  • Create powerful magical weapons that are sentient. The process makes them gain their own self-awareness and desires. They can't be found if they want to stay hidden.[4] It can be done with the aid of the Cauldron, or it can be done by a Made being.


Feyre Archeron remade the Cauldron using Rhysand's powers after it broke.

Bryce Quinlan carries Made power from having the Horn inked on her back. She was able to transfer some of her Made essence into her mate, Hunt Athalar. For this reason, he was able to wield the Mask.[5] After Bryce's death the Made essence faded from him.[6]

Known Made Objects[]

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