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This unnamed faerie is Lucien's contact in the Winter Court


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

This faerie is part of the Winter Court, and a contact of Lucien who keeps him informed of the situation there during Amarantha's reign of terror over Prythian.

On one occasion they manage to get a letter to Lucien to inform him of an attack in the Winter Court. Lucien relays the information of the letter to Tamlin during a meal where Feyre Archeron is present, as such she wasn't supposed to be aware of Amarantha so he referred to their attacker as The Blight. He says the blight took out two dozen Winter Court younglings, burning through their magic and then breaking apart their minds. No one could do anything to stop it, and they were mourning the children.

The contact also tells Lucien in the letter that other courts are being hit hard, though the Night Court manages to remain unscathed, with the blight directing the attacks farther south every time.[1]


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