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Lesser Fairies are all the species of faeries that aren't High Fae. Although immortal, they are not part of the ruling nobility. They can find work in High Fae manors or households. They are a common sight in Velaris.

Often they have strange traits that make them very far from the human likeness of the High Fae but many have rounded ears like humans. The species described, even the unnamed ones, have a variety of appearances. Some are long-limbed and hairless, skin glowing as if an inner moon dwelled beneath their night-dark skin. Some have skin like glittering onyx and eyes like swirling clusters of stars. Ressina's species has green skin and ears longer than a High Fae's and form slimmer, instead of rounded ears.

Some look less like uniquely colored humans. They can be covered in opalescent scales that shift color with each graceful step of their clawed, webbed feet. Some are elegant wild puzzles of horns and stripped fur. Some of them wear clothing like High Fae in various styles while others stride in nothing but scales and furs. The Winter Court has a species of lesser fae that look like long-limbed creatures, as if they were shards of ice given form, tall enough they could banners atop of war tents.

The Lesser Faeries are often considered to be lower ranked by the High Fae. This may be in part because Lesser Fae have weaker magic compared to High Fae, but it still causes a lot of injustice. When Hybern attacked Adriata, the High Fae at the palace barricaded themselves into the upper levels. This left the lesser fae trapped below to be tortured and slaughtered by Hybern's soldiers. Lesser Fae are considered disposable in this way.

Known Types[]