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Lapplund is a city or kingdom of faeries where the Cauldron was hidden for many years.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

When Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court learns that the King of Hybern intends to resurrect Jurian, the ancient mortal he goes with Feyre Archeron to the Prison to speak with the Bone Carver. There, after they give him the bone that killed the Middengard Wyrm and confess various private secrets, he tells them that there is only one way to re-forge someone dead and that is with the power of the Cauldron.

The Bone Carver explains the history of the Cauldron. The Cauldron had been used to forge the world, but it fell into the wrong hands. An ancient faerie stole the Cauldron and hid it so that its great power would not be misused again. The faerie had hidden the Cauldron itself in a frozen lake in Lapplund, but took its feet and placed them in three different and far-flung places: Cesere, Sangravah and Itica. The Bone Carver finishes with the information that the Cauldron had disappeared from Lapplund millennia ago. Upon learning that the places where the feet are kept have recently been attacked, Rhysand deduces that the King intends to resurrect Jurian with the Cauldron and then use it to destroy the Wall, seize the Mortal Lands and once again enslave mortals using its full power.

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