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I rode in the Wild Hunt before you were even a scrap of existence, witch from Oorid. I summoned the hounds and the world cowered at their baying. I galloped at the head of the Hunt, and Fae and beast bowed before us.

–Lanthys, A Court of Silver Flames

Lanthys was an inmate of the Prison.




A Court of Silver Flames[]



Often presented as a mist, Lanthys rarely took a physical form as he was more vulnerable in it. In his physical body, he is described as a male of average height, with golden skin and hair. Nesta thinks he is beautiful, at odds with his awful personality.

His laugh, however, is hideous, sounding like a crow's cawing.[2]


Lanthys was cruel, sadistic, and ambitious. He appears to be a psychopath as he was said to have no concepts of mercy nor a sense of morals.

He was also very arrogant, and this was exploited by Cassian when he trapped him in a mirror.

Powers and Abilities[]

Lanthys was regarded as one of the few true immortals in Prythian. Prior to his confinement, he was extremely powerful, similar to the old god Koschei.

  • Shapeshifting: Lanthys was an exceptionally powerful shapeshifter as he could change into non-organic forms, such as wind and rain. In these forms, he possessed a high level of control as he could suffocate and drown his enemies.


  • Both Amren and Cassian are afraid of him.
  • He is fluent in the Old Language, recognizing what Ataraxia means.[2]
  • The Wild Hunt is a folklore motif that typically involves a chase led by a mythological figure escorted by a ghostly or supernatural group of hunters engaged in pursuit. The leader of the hunt is often a named figure associated with Odin in Germanic legends, the Devil, or an unidentified lost soul or spirit either male or female. The hunters are generally the souls of the dead or ghostly dogs, sometimes fairies, valkyries, or elves. Seeing the Wild Hunt was thought to forebode some catastrophe such as war or plague, or at best the death of the one who witnessed it. People encountering the Hunt might also be abducted to the underworld or the fairy kingdom.


  1. In A Court of Silver Flames, because Lanthys remembers the Wild Hunt and other ancient lore, Rhysand believes him to be at least fifteen thousand years old. However, there is an off chance Lanthys was lying and his age is unknown.
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