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“For giving her your name in place of my son's life,” she said, her voice as sweet as sun-warmed apples. She must have been in the crowd that day. She pointed at the bucket with a long, slender hand. “My debt is paid.”

–The Lady of the Autumn Court to Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Lady of the Autumn Court is the wife of the High Lord of the Autumn Court, Beron Vanserra.


Early Life[]

Lucien's mother is a High Fae born to a prominent family in the Autumn Court an unknown number of years before the War. Her family, in pursuit of political alliances within the Court, married her off at twenty years old to Beron Vanserra; rumors circulated that she waited before agreeing to the marriage as she had met someone the year before at the equinox ball: Helion.

20 years later, the Lady had young children by Beron, her firstborn being Eris Vanserra. Due to Hybern's forces invading the Autumn Court territory at the time, Beron thought to spread out the bloodline across his Court. His plan backfired when Hybern attacked his wife's estate; her two sisters, who loved her very much, told her to run and bought her time to escape. They were torn apart by Hybern's beasts.

Though the Lady of Autumn ran, she was ultimately cornered by Hybern's beasts. Helion found and saved her before she could be killed, and the two started an on and off affair that continued for decades.

Beron eventually found out about the affair, though at this point his wife was pregnant with Lucien and although he was suspicious he was unable to prove whether or not the boy was his son as he had inherited the power of fire that Beron himself has, but her family is so powerful that they wield the same power and has been inherited from her. This did not stop him from punishing the Lady of the Autumn Court, who ended the affair with Helion. She ultimately chose to stay with Beron to avoid conflict that would have arisen if Helion had tried to help her. However, the punishments never stopped, Beron continues to abuse her, belittling her, and leaving bruises where no one but him will see them.

The Lady of the Autumn Court grew to favor Lucien above her other children—something which led to Lucien's brothers hating him—as he was the child she had always envisioned having with the male she truly loved. Beron, however, resents Lucien as he is not truly his son.[1]

When his youngest son fell in love with a lesser named Jesminda, his father felt that she was not good enough for someone of his position, so he killed her in front of him. From that moment Lucien began to hate his family and declined the possibility of becoming High Lord, thus leaving the Court forever.

He sought refuge in the Spring Court and was taken in by the High Lord, Tamlin, as a courtier and official court emissary. His mother was heartbroken to find out that her son had gone to another Court and even more so when she found out that three of her other sons had gone to kill Lucien and only one had returned alive.

When Amarantha took away much of her husband's powers, she was forced to live Under the Mountain like all citizens of the Prythian Courts, with the exception of the Spring Court, for forty-nine years.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

Being Under the Mountain, she appears one day in a corridor in which Feyre Archeron is. Feyre has been ordered to wash the floor and make it sparkling clean before dinner time, but has only been given dirty water which instead of cleaning, makes the floor dirtier.

For having saved her son Lucien by telling her name to Amarantha, thus preventing Rhysand from destroying her son's mind, Lucien's mother magically turns the dirty water into water that removes the dirt just by touching it.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

The Lady of the Autumn Court attends the High Lords meeting held in the Dawn Court to see if they will ally in the War with Hybern with her husband and sons. After her eldest son, Eris, insults Morrigan, his former fiancée and cousin to Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court, Azriel, Rhys's spymaster attacks him and nearly kills him. He only stops when Feyre asks him to, and when Eris apologizes to Mor, her mother looks at him approvingly.

Helion constantly shoots her glances but she never looks back at him.

She is silent throughout the meeting, even when Feyre accidentally burns her arm during an attack against Beron after he insults Rhysand.


The Lady of the Autumn Court is described by Feyre as perhaps a bit older than Amarantha, with exquisitely colored porcelain skin graced with the faintest blush of rose along her cheeks. She has auburn hair, and russet eyes. According to Feyre, her voice is as sweet as sun-warmed apples.[2]


Before her marriage to Beron, the Lady was apparently all brightness and smiles; after his discovery of her affair with Helion he began abusing and belittling her, resulting in her becoming a withdrawn and unresponsive person. Nevertheless, she loves her children, especially Lucien.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Pyrokinesis: The Lady of the Autumn Court comes from a family with a strong magical bloodline, granting her the potential for the power of flame. Rhys muses that the power of her magic could have been what was passed on to Lucien, allowing him to possess pyrokinesis despite having Helion as his father.[1]



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