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The Lady of the Autumn Court is Beron Vanserra's wife and the mother of Lucien, Eris and her five other sons with Beron.


Lucien's mother was born to a prominent family in the Autumn Court an unknown number of years before the War. Her family, in pursuit of political alliances within the Court, married her off to Beron Vanserra; rumors circulated that she waited before agreeing to the marriage as she had met someone the year before at the equinox ball: Helion.[1]

20 years later, the Lady had young children by Beron. Due to Hybern's forces invading the Autumn Court territory at the time, Beron thought to spread out the bloodline across his Court. His plan backfired when Hybern attacked his wife's estate; her two sisters, who loved her very much, told her to run and bought her time to escape. They were torn apart by Hybern's beasts.

Though Lady of Autumn ran, she was ultimately cornered by Hybern. Helion found and saved her before she could be killed, and the two started an on/off affair that continued for decades.

Beron eventually found out about the affair, though at this point his wife was pregnant with Lucien and he was unable to prove whether or not the boy was his son. This did not stop him punishing the Lady of the Autumn Court, who ended the affair with Helion, though they continued to love each other. She ultimately chose to stay with Beron to avoid conflict that would have arisen if Helion had tried to help her.

The Lady of the Autumn Court grew to favor Lucien above her other children—something which led to Lucien's brothers hating him—as he was the child she had always envisioned having with the male she truly loved. Beron, however, resents Lucien as he is not truly his son.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

After Feyre gives up her name to Amarantha to spare Lucien from torture, the Lady of the Autumn Court returns the kindness by helping her with one of the tasks set for her in between her Trials.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

The Lady of the Autumn Court attends the meeting of the High Lords called by Rhysand with her husband and sons. She is silent throughout the meeting, even when Feyre accidentally burns her arm during an attack against Beron after he insults Rhysand.


The Lady of the Autumn Court is described by Feyre as perhaps a bit older than Amarantha, with exquisitely colored porcelain skin graced with the faintest blush of rose along her cheeks. She has auburn hair, and russet eyes. According to Feyre, her voice is as sweet as sun-warmed apples.[2]


Before her marriage to Beron, the Lady was apparently all brightness and smiles; after his discovery of her affair with Helion he began abusing and belittling her, resulting in her becoming a withdrawn and unresponsive person. Nevertheless, she loves her children, especially Lucien.

Skills & Abilities[]

  • Pyrokinesis: The Lady of the Autumn Court comes from a family with a strong magical bloodline, granting her the potential for the power of flame. Rhys muses that the power of her magic could have been what was passed on to Lucien, allowing him to possess pyrokinesis despite having Helion as his father.[1]