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Koschei is a chthonic immortal being of immense power from another dimension that the Prythian Fae refer to as one of their Old Gods who is secluded "by his little lake on the continent". He is the older brother of Stryga and the Bone Carver, they are Death-gods because their powers allow them to feed on life itself.


Koschei's origins are steeped in legend, even among the Fae, but in A Court of Wings and Ruin his younger brother, the Bone Carver, tells a little of his story to Feyre Archeron and Cassian when they visit him in the Prison, where he lives.

In a distant past, in the times before the "Cauldron and the Mother" and before the kingdom of Prythian was created, the Bone Carver crossed the dimensions of another world (he says he "fell" into this world of his own free will, along with his twin sister, Stryga, and his older brother, Koschei.) The three siblings, who are immensely powerful by the world's standards, are taken as "gods" by the ancient Fae that live in the world, and are later worshiped by those Fae.

Koschei and Stryga love the attention, though the Bone Carver does not enjoy it as much.

The Bone Carver says that of the three siblings, he is the weakest in magical strength and that as a result, he fears his two older siblings. It is fear that drives him to hide from the rest of the world. He allows himself to be locked up in the Prison by the same Ancient female Fae who first tricks his sister into "diminishing her power and becoming confined to the Middle" and later "confined and bound" his brother, Koschei "by his little lake on the continent."

He is regarded as a powerful sorcerer who has a fondness for imprisoning women. He is the sorcerer who cursed Vassa turning her into a firebird by day, and woman by night and bound her to his lake.[1]

He grants Vassa a reprieve from her curse so she currently lives in the Mortal Lands south of Prythian, although her freedom is only temporary and she will have to return to the lake.[2]


  • The spell he cast on Vassa is so powerful, the curse is woven into her very blood and not even Helion or Feyre have been able to break it.[2]
  • In Slavic folklore, Koschei is an archetypal male antagonist, described as the person abducting the hero's wife. He is also known as Koschei the Deathless. Koschei cannot be killed by conventional means aka targeting his body because his soul is separate from his body and hidden elsewhere.[3]


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