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This castle was located in Hybern and was owned by the King of Hybern.


The King of Hybern's castle was located in the northeastern area of Hybern along its coastline according to a map of Hybern. It was protected by guards that patrolled the ground in pre-set shifts and also had courtiers. The castle was also protected with wards that prevented others from winnowing in. During the Inner Circle's attempt to infiltrate the castle and break the Cauldron, the King had spells set to trap them in. They could not winnow away, their magic (including daemati abilities), and even Feyre and Rhysand were unable to communicate through the mating bond.

The castle was built into the white cliff line of Hybern as well as perched above the sea. Perhaps a dozen spires clawed at the sky from the castle. The structure was made of crumbling white stone. The stone was not imperious marble or elegant limestone, but an off-white, bone-colored. There was a small sea door at the bottom that is the closest entrance to its lower levels.

The interior of the castle had no furniture or art, only bare stone, as if it were a skeleton of a proper castle. Its walls were bone-white. In the throne room there were windows that looked out to the sea beneath. It had a dais carved from a single block of dark emerald upon which sat the King's throne. The throne was assembled from the bones of humans that were brown and smooth with age.

The ancient castle included a dungeon, the stones dark and stained. The Cauldron was stored in a room in the lower part of the dungeon. It was at the center of its room atop a small dais.


This castle was visited many times by Tamlin and his father before and during the War between mortals and Fae as the King of Hybern and the then High Lord of the Spring Court were very good friends and shared the desire to enslave mortals. It was there that Tamlin met Amarantha and she tried to win him over in vain.

When Feyre Archeron, Morrigan, Cassian and Azriel went to Hybern to nullify the power of the Cauldron with both parts of the Book of Breathings, they decided they would do it when the changing of the guard would be taking place. They went to the deepest levels of the castle through a small entrance near the sea since they knew that it was there where they would find the Cauldron. Feyre, thinking that only that way could its power be nullified, brought the two parts of the book together and that caused the King to notice her meddling and consequently send Jurian, recently resurrected with the Cauldron, to distract them while he erected wards in the castle so they couldn't run away or use their powers, but not before Rhysand managed to enter the castle.

Then the King himself appeared before them and had Jurian shoot an ash wood arrow at Azriel so they would do whatever he said, otherwise his friend would die. He led them to the throne room and Feyre noted that there was no furniture or decoration other than a throne made from human bones.

The King went on to welcome Tamlin and Lucien Vanserra, who were there because Tamlin had made a deal with him whereby the king would break the bond that bound Feyre and Rhysand in exchange for free pass to enter Prythian via the Spring Court in order to destroy the Wall. Then the Mortal Queens and their guard appeared with Feyre's sisters, Nesta Archeron and Elain Archeron, who were turned into High Fae with the power of the Cauldron. as a demonstration to the queens that any mortal with sufficient willpower can become immortal.

In the end Feyre was able to break through the King's safeguards and pretends that Rhysand had controlled her the entire time with a spell so that she would think she loved him instead of Tamlin, thus giving her mate, her sisters and the Inner Circle a chance to escape.

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