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You'll get what's coming to you, whore.

–Keir to Feyre Archeron just before Rhysand cracks his arm, A Court of Mist and Fury

Keir is the Steward of the Court of Nightmares and Morrigan's father. He presides as Steward over Rhysand's throne in the Hewn City and all of his subjects that dwell inside the Court of Nightmares.


When the then High Lord of the Night Court declares that Morrigan is to be given in marriage to Eris Vanserra, the son of High Lord of the Autumn Court, Beron Vanserra, Keir has no objection. When Mor loses her virginity to Cassian, an Illyrian bastard, Eris says that she is no longer of any use to him, that it is a disgrace to have someone stained by a bastard as a wife.

Keir is enraged with a Mor and brutally beats and tortures her and then nails a note to the body for Eris where he says she is now his problem, and leaves her at the border of the Autumn Court. She is rescued by Azriel and since then she harbors great hatred towards her father.

Mor recovers from her horrific trauma and is elevated to a high position of power alongside her cousin Rhysand, much to her father's dismay.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Keir is the Steward of the Hewn City and when Rhysand pays a visit with Feyre Archeron, Mor, Cassian and Azriel has him serve them as a way to distract him while Azriel steals the Veritas, a magical orb that has the ability to show the truth. When he insults and threatens Feyre, Rhysand is enraged and breaks both his arms into four different parts and his little finger, and tells him not to seek help from a healer, otherwise he will find out and kill him.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

Once again Rhysand and Feyre go to the Hewn City to meet Keir accompanied by Mor, Azriel, Amren and Nesta Archeron. The reason for the visit is to see if Keir will join Rhys in the war against Hybern since as Steward of the Court of Nightmares he has the right to deny the participation of his Darkbringers on the side of the High Lord. He tells Rhysand that he isn't sure he is on his side as his people feel identified with Hybern and their King offers better deals.

To try to persuade him, Rhys invites Eris, the eldest son of Beron, the High Lord of the Autumn Court, to the meeting, and he assures him that if he joins them he will be guaranteed business with his court, but Keir is still hesitant and tells Rhysand that he will only accept if he allows him to keep the Moonstone Palace on the top of the mountain of the Court of the Nightmares and allows its residents to leave and visit Velaris, whose existence was revealed to him by the King of Hybern. Reluctantly Rhys agrees, much to Mor's chagrin, but ensures that no merchant in the city treats Hewn City residents who visit their businesses well.

Feyre also asks him for the Ouroboros mirror, so he tells her that it is hers if she wants it but that to take it she has to look at herself in it, which will cause her to go crazy or damaged beyond repair.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]


A Court of Silver Flames[]



Keir is described as a very attractive High Fae, with extremely pale skin, blond hair and brown eyes.


He is said to be a heartless and horrid man, who is abusive towards his daughter Mor. When Mor protested her arranged marriage to Eris, who was known for his sadistic nature, her father ignored her wishes and continued with the arrangement.

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