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You'll get what's coming for you, whore.

–Keir talking to Feyre just before Rhysand cracks his wrist.

Keir is a member of the Night Court and a subject of his nephew, High Lord Rhysand. He is the father of Morrigan, Rhysand's cousin and Third-In-Command. He presides as Steward over Rhysand's throne in the Hewn City and all of his subjects that dwell inside the Court of Nightmares.


He is said to be a heartless and horrid man, who is abusive towards his daughter Mor. When Mor protested her arranged marriage to Lucien's eldest brother, Eris, who was known for his sadistic nature, her father ignored her wishes and continued with the arrangement. Mor decided to rebel against her father and lost her virginity to Illyrian Commander Cassian, who, to her father, was nothing more than a lowly bastard.

Enraged and humiliated, Keir lashed out against his daughter for corrupting herself and seeing the engagement to ruin, for Eris would no longer have her as his wife, claiming she had been sullied by a bastard-born barbarian, and shunned her, banishing her from the Court of Nightmares and even going so far as to physically torture his own daughter.

Rhysand tells Feyre that when Mor was discovered, she was beaten and bloody, with a nail hammered into her abdomen, among other things. Mor recovered from her horrific trauma and was elevated to a high position of power alongside her cousin Rhysand, much to her father's dismay. Although Mor wears a mask of indifference wherever her father is concerned, Azriel has a clear and deep hatred for the man, which Feyre observes in the Hewn City during A Court of Mist and Fury. Feyre believes Azriel will one day avenge Mor and see to it that her father suffers for his sins.

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