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Oh, Jurian betrayed Clythia. After months of stomaching being her lover, he got the information he needed, then tortured and butchered her, crucifying her with ash wood so she couldn’t move while he did it. He left the pieces of her for Amarantha to find.

Alis to Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Jurian is a mortal and general of the mortal armies during the War between faeries and mortals. When the sister of the general of the King of Hybern's army, Clythia, falls madly in love with him, he uses her and then kills her.


Early Life[]

Jurian is born as a human at the time when these are slaves of the faeries and live as servants in their realms. When the War to free humans from the yoke of the Fae began, he is one of the main generals of the human army.

One day a woman named Miryam arrives at their camp, who is half-High Fae and half-mortal and is fleeing from a Faerie realm called the Black Land, where her Queen had gifted her to Drakon, a Fae Prince whom the Queen was to marry. Seeing how she treats mortals, he releases Miryam and breaks the engagement. Three years later Drakon joins Jurian and reunites with Miryam, who is Jurian's lover at the time and a healer of his camp. She leaves him to be with Drakon and he takes this as a betrayal on their part.

During the course of the war, Clythia, Amarantha's sister, falls deeply in love with him, he deceives her by pretending to correspond to her feelings and after she reveals enough information about the Fae, he crucifies her with ash wood and cuts her into pieces, leaving them for Amarantha to find.

Amarantha's wrath is such that she does not rest until she finds him and when she does, she does not give him the mercy of death. Instead, she tortures him, cuts off his finger and makes a necklace out of it and then rips out one of his eyes, depositing Jurian's soul in it and thus forcing him to live forever as an adornment of a ring that she wears. He is forced to spend years Under the Mountain witnessing all the atrocities that Amarantha carries out.[1]

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

The King of Hybern intends to resurrect Jurian with the powers of the Cauldron to help him destroy the Wall and thus conquer the Mortal Lands. He uses the ring and bone harvested from Amarantha's corpse by the Attor to achieve it.

When he succeeds in doing so, he sends him to the Continent to see the Mortal Queens, who vastly prefer one of their own race to one of the Fae and become his allies upon realizing that one of them has given their share of the Book of Breathings to Rhysand and his Inner Circle. They revealed to him the existence of Velaris and he reports it to the King of Hybern, who sends a legion of faeries to attack the city.

When Feyre Archeron, Morrigan, Cassian and Azriel winnow to Hybern to nullify the power of the Cauldron with the book, Feyre brings the two parts together thinking that only then could she nullify the powers of the Cauldron, but that act betrays their presence before the King, who sends Jurian to distract them while he protects the island so that they can not leave or use their powers, but not before Rhysand arrives.

Jurian asks about Miryam and Mor tells him that she is dead, that she died along with Drakon, but he tells her that he knows she is alive and then the King appears and Jurian shoots a poisoned ash wood arrow to Azriel to make the others do as the King orders.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

Jurian is part, along with the Princes Dagdan and Brannagh, of the Hybern delegation that take up residence in the Spring Court to examine the cracks in the wall. During one of the expeditions to the wall he witnesses how Dagdan and Brannagh try to kill three Children of the Blessed who cross their path. When Feyre stops them from doing it he later thanks her, but that same night the princes hunt them down and kill them anyway.

He is last seen at the Spring Court when he is hunting with Tamlin while Feyre and Lucien Vanserra murder the twins and flee to the Night Court.

When Rhysand and his Inner Circle along with Feyre's sisters, Nesta and Elain Archeron, go to the estate of Nolan, the father of Graysen, Elain's ex-fiancé, to ask them to provide protection to mortals who request it, they try to mislead them by saying that Elain is still human, Jurian appears and tells them that he has already told the truth about everything to the owners of the place.

He reveals that he was only with Hybern so he could collect information and learn their weaknesses and because he was trapped on the other side of the wall when he was revived he pretends to be on their side. As soon as the wall fell he showed his true loyalty. He tells them that he was always on their side and that he thought they would have read his mind with their daemati powers and already knew, but at the time neither Feyre nor Rhysand had thought about doing it. When they do, they discover that Jurian is telling them the truth.

He tells them that Tamlin is a spy and that he has told the King everything they talked about at the High Lords meeting in the Dawn Court and later congratulates Feyre for having killed the princes.

He continues to act as a spy and helps Feyre free Elain and Briar from the Hybern camp. After this he says he would go to the Continent to sow discord among the mortal queens so that they would have to worry about other things and not go to Hybern's aid.

During the final battle he comes to aid the Prythian troops along with an army of mortals led by him and Graysen, and battles alongside Tamlin and Beron Vanserra's army in the northern flank. At the end of the war he confesses to Feyre that queen Vassa, the sixth mortal queen, has offered him a place in her court.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

After the end of the War against Hybern Jurian, who is now part of Vassa's court, settles in a mansion in the southern Mortal Lands of Prythian given to them by Graysen's family, which they share with Lucien when he is not in the Spring Court or Velaris. The three become very good friends and Lucien serves as a link between mortals and faeries. Together they call themselves the Band of Exiles and while Jurian and Vassa rule the Mortal Lands Lucien does his best to help them.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

Since Lucien has decided to live with Jurian and Vassa as a friend and not just as an emissary, Mor believes that the reports he gives them can't be unbiased and sends Cassian to visit them for information.

With Eris and Cassian at the manor, they discuss the possibilities of the disappearance of Eris' soldiers and who might be behind it.


Feyre describes Jurian as being tall and handsome for a mortal, with dark brown hair, cruel and calculating brown eyes, and tan skin.


There are conflicting accounts of Jurian's personality, It can be speculated that he is skilled at deception and heartless, having managed to fool a powerful Fae, Clythia, into believing he was in love with her, using her purely for personal gain and leading her to a horrific death.

He is born a talented and formidable warrior but proves unable to hold his ground against the powerful Fae Commander Amarantha. It can be assumed that he is somewhat charismatic, but Mor once mentions that he is extremely arrogant and odious, and that "all he liked to do was talk about himself."[2] After his resurrection, he is believed to be someone who is extremely unstable, and possibly psychotic partly an act for his own survival. Still, his horrific ordeal with Amarantha, his violent death, and prolonged torture at her hands, has left him irreparably scarred, both physically and mentally.



Jurian engaged in a romantic relationship with Amarantha's younger sister Clythia, before betraying her to her death. This was the cause of Amarantha's crazed obsession with Jurian and her utter hatred toward him.


He is also known to have had another lover, Miryam, who left him for a Fae Lord, Drakon. She is the subject of Jurian's obsession, and he seeks her relentlessly. Jurian's need to locate Miryam and punish her for having abandoned him is his driving motive for aligning himself with the King of Hybern.


The first meeting between them happened after Jurian had become human again. In A Court of Wings and Ruin Jurian tells Mor that Vassa saw through his lies from the beginning and warned the other queens that if he had been reborn they should gather their armies. Jurian tells that Vassa is young and bold, that she didn't play the way she was supposed to play with the other queens, so she didn't see the looks of lust when he told them about the cauldron. At the end of the book, he reveals to Feyre that Vassa has offered him a place in her court and he accepted it. In A Court of Frost and Starlight when Feyre asks if Jurian and Vassa are getting along Lucien replies that they are both two sides of the same coin and that their vision of the future of the human territories is aligned. Lucien also reveals in this conversation that the three call themselves the Band of Exiles.

They often tease each other, as on Winter Solstice when Lucien is asked by Nesta how Jurian and Vassa are doing, he replies by saying that they are both "at each other's throats, as they like to be."[3]

Lucien Vanserra[]

Lucien and Jurian have the first interaction in the Spring Court when Jurian at the behest of the King of Hybern goes there to learn more about the wall that separates the Mortal Lands from Prythian. Jurian used to tease Lucien about the fact that Elain was living in the Night Court. They both become closer when Jurian reveals to Lucien and Feyre that they are on the same side and that he was pretending to support the King of Hybern. At the end of the war Lucien often visits Jurian and Vassa and after a while starts living with them in a manor in the Mortal Lands. On Winter Solstice of the same year he moved in with them, Feyre asks Lucien how he is doing and Lucien thanks Jurian for existing because he keeps everything going. Lucien also says that the three friends get along very well and that they call themselves the Band of Exiles.


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