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Jesminda was a Lesser Faerie who lived in the Autumn Court of Prythian.


Jesminda lived in the countryside in the Autumn Court. She met Lucien Vanserra and teased and seduced him until they eventually fell in love. The pair were not mated, however this did not diminish their love. Beron, Lucien's father, disapproved of their relationship as he believed it was inappropriate for a High Fae noble to marry a Lesser Faerie claiming his son deserved someone better, someone who is on his level, and so Jesminda was tortured and executed in front of Lucien. After this Lucien deserts his court and his position and goes to the Spring Court, where he is pursued by his brothers, two of whom are killed by Tamlin.[1]

We learn that Lucien is not actually Beron's biological son but Helion's, the High Lord of the Day Court. His half brother, Eris Vanserra, tells him that he did not take part in Jesminda's torture or murder and that it was he who alerted Tamlin to his whereabouts at the borders of the Spring Court so that he could save him from their brothers.[2]


Lucien Vanserra[]

Jesminda and Lucien's relationship was short. They fell deeply in love. Jesminda appreciated Lucien for who he was, instead of loving him for his noble rank. Lucien loved her with the same amount of appreciation, and even believed she was the most beautiful female he knew.


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