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Indeed, Isaac was watching from across the square, arms crossed as he leaned against a building. Though the eldest son of the only well-off farmer in our village, he was still lean from the winter, and his brown hair had turned shaggy. Relatively handsome, soft-spoken, and reserved, but with a sort of darkness running beneath it all that had drawn us to each other, that shared understanding of how wretched our lives were and would always be.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Isaac Hale is the son of the wealthiest farmer in the village where Feyre Archeron and her family live. He has an almost strictly sexual relationship with Feyre.


Early Life[]

Isaac is born the eldest son of a family of farmers. Although his father is the wealthiest farmer in the village, his economic position is not much better than that of the others.

When Feyre's family falls out of favor and have to move to the village, he befriends Feyre and one day they end up having sex in a barn. This goes on for years and since Feyre can't afford it, he is the one who takes a contraceptive brew to prevent her from getting pregnant.

One day after their regular meeting, he tells her that he is going to get married and she thinks about asking him to keep seeing her after he does, but in the end she doesn't.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

Isaac sees Feyre the day she goes to the village market accompanied by her sisters, Nesta and Elain Archeron, to sell the skins of the wolf and the doe that she has hunted.

After she finishes the transaction, he looks at her, nods, and then heads for the barn. Moments later Feyre arrives and they have their usual sexual encounter. Later that day Feyre is taken to Prythian by Tamlin so it is the last time they see each other.

When Rhysand sees Feyre at Spring Court, Tamlin decides that the safest thing for her is to go back to her family, which he put a glamour on so they think she is caring for an aunt who is about to die. When Feyre returns, she discovers that Tamlin has returned her family to their former social position.

One day Feyre returns to her old village to distribute gold and silver among the poorest, and as she is walking down the street she passes Isaac and his new wife. When he sees her he is surprised but gently bows his head in greeting and she smiles at him, realizing that she no longer feels anything for him because she loves Tamlin.


Isaac is described as tall, thin with brown hair. Feyre says that he is relatively handsome, and that Isaac's body is built between being a boy and a man.


Feyre Archeron[]

Stolen hours in a decrepit barn with Isaac Hale didn't count; those times were hungry and empty and sometimes cruel, but never lovely.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

After knowing each other for years, they begin to have an almost strictly sexual relationship, meeting in a barn. Sometimes they do it every day of the week and sometimes they don't see each other for months but in the end they always go back to the barn.



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