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The bastard-born warriors, the Illyrian half-breed, the monster trapped in a beautiful body, the dreamer born into a court of nightmares … And the huntress with an artist’s soul.

A Court of Mist and Fury

The Inner Circle is a group of individual dreamers located within Velaris, the Court of Dreams, in the Night Court. They are the family Rhysand has created. They help him run the Night Court.

When Rhysand was trapped Under the Mountain, he used the last of his power to shield Velaris and wipe it from the minds of anyone outside the city. He then tied the magic to his Inner Circle so that they couldn't leave, or they'd break the protection. Upon learning this, Feyre Archeron realizes that it killed them to have been unable to save him and that there were so many left outside of the city they couldn't protect.


  • Rhysand: Rhysand is the High Lords of the Night Court, alongside Feyre Archeron, who is its High Lady.
  • Feyre: Feyre was the most recent member to join the Inner Circle. She is the High Lady of the Night Court and former emissary.
  • Amren: Amren is Second-in-Command of the Night Court. She is a creature from another world. She bound her immortal being into a High Fae female. She is brutally efficient in whatever task she is given which is the reason why Rhysand chose her as Second. She is Rhysand’s political advisor, walking library, and doer of his dirty work.
  • Morrigan: Morrigan is the Third-in-Command and the overseer of the Court of Nightmares. She is also Rhysand's cousin and the only pure-blooded, titled person in the Inner Circle before Feyre joins.
  • Azriel: Azriel is a Shadowsinger and Rhysand's spymaster. He met Rhysand in the Illyrian training camps.
  • Cassian: Cassian is the General Commander of the Night Court's armies. He also met Rhysand in the Illyrian training camps.
  • Elain Archeron
  • Nesta Archeron


  • Rhysand tells Feyre only a fool would think his Illyrian warriors were the apex predators in their circle.