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The Ilyrian Steppes are a region of Illyria located north of the Night Court.


It's a large area with pine trees.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

When Feyre Archeron and Rhysand are at the Archeron's estate planning their meeting with the Mortal Queens, the High Lord of the Night Court takes Feyre to the Forest near the Wall where she used to hunt when she was mortal so that she can practice the powers that the High Lords had unknowingly granted her when they resurrected her.

There she complains about how cold it is and he tells her that when they return to court he will take her to practice in the Ilyrian Steppes where it is not so cold and when she asks him where they are he shows her a map indicating the place.

After Rhysand and Feyre Archeron leave the inn where they spend the night in the Illyrian Steppes they head to the woods to train. While there, he is going to confess to her that they are mates since he had felt the mating bond between them for months when suddenly an ash wood arrow pierces one of his wings and a second later the arrows rain down on them. He protects Feyre and six other arrows dig into his wings and others into his legs. The arrows contain the poison known as faebane making Rhysand extremely weak and he is captured by the soldiers of Hybern who attack him and carry him to a cave in the Illyrian Mountains where they flog him with a whip and tie his hands with ancient chains that nullify his powers. Feyre begins to track him down and when she finds him she kills all the soldiers who are in the cave and then winnows them to this cave that she had seen in the Steppes while drinking water from a stream.

There, she carefully takes out the arrows from him and to distract him she tells him about her youth. Then he loses consciousness. When he wakes up the next day Feyre realizes that Rhys is not healing quickly and at that moment she realizes that the arrows are poisoned. She leaves him in the cave and goes in search of the Suriel so he would reveal what the antidote is. After setting the trap for the Fae he falls into it and Feyre interrogates him. After giving her the answer she is looking for, he confesses that Rhysand is her mate without knowing that she is not yet aware of it, so when she returns to the cave, after giving Rhys the antidote, she questions him about it.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

Cassian meets with Eris Vanserra at the Illyrian Steppes although it isn't neutral ground they are empty enough that Eris agrees to meet. Eris uses his fire magic to create a bubble of heat around them while they talk as the wind was strong and chilly.

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