"What are...," I tried. "What are Illyrian war-bands?"
"Arrogant bastards, that's what," he muttered.

A Court of Mist and Fury

The Illyrians are a warrior race of faeries, considered by many to be violent and warmongering people, living within the Night Court. Most of them form war-bands depending on their own views, though most bands have a rich culture with similar traditions. They train Illyrian males but have a lack of regard for female warriors. In some cases, they can be brutal with them and in some cases cripple them so they can't fly and are then used for breeding.

In the Illyrian culture, tattoos are shown to be an important part. Once Illyrians are initiated as warriors, they are given certain tattoos for luck and glory on the battlefield. However, to become a true warrior, an Illyrian must perform a Blood Rite, where they go unarmed into the mountains without any magic with their wings bound and survive.

Some Illyrians are gifted Siphons, such as Cassian and Azriel, which give them advantages in battle by filtering raw power and transforming it into something else.

General Appearance

Unlike High Fae, Illyrians have rounded ears. Rhysand is the sole exception for having pointed ears, as he is half-Illyrian and half High Fae. Also, Illyrians also have a pair of bat-like wings, and are told to protect these at all costs. Some Night Court citizens view them as lesser faeries, however due to their human-like appearance, many Illyrians disagree with this assumption.

Known Illyrians


  • Outside of the ACOTAR world, the Illyrians were a group of Indo-European tribes who inhabited part of the western Balkans and the south-eastern coasts of the Italian peninsula. [1]