You and I are so alike—young, untested amongst these ... wolves

A Court of Mist and Fury, Ianthe to Feyre

Ianthe was one of the twelve High Priestesses of Prythian. She resided in the Spring Court.


Ianthe has long blond hair, usually hidden under her blue robe. On her forehead, above her brows, she has a tattoo of the different stages of the moon cycle. She has a set of silver rings that she wears on her manicured fingers. Her typical wardrobe consists of a robe with a belt of limpid stones and a band of silver on top of her hood. She is described as very beautiful.


Ianthe is ambitious in terms of ensnaring a wealthy courtier or High Lord for marriage and offspring whether they want her or not. She knows exactly what she wants and will go to lengths to get it including manipulating others and forcing people. She was a benefit to Tamlin in the Spring Court as she was aware of everyone in court and outside of it. She hurt Feyre by always siding with Tamlin and being completely and utterly supportive of the wedding.


Ianthe was born in the Spring Court a childhood friend of Tamlin. Her father was one Tamlin's strongest allies at court and captain of his forces. Around 300 years ago she become the youngest of the twelve High Priestess. Her father had sensed the trouble coming and packed up Ianthe and her two younger sisters and fled to Vallahan and lived there for fifty years while their people were butchered and enslaved.

A Court of Mist and Fury

Ianthe first makes an appearance in A Court of Mist and Fury as a member of Tamlin's court where she acts as a companion for Feyre, she helped plan the wedding and took the role of officiating it.

When Tamlin allies with the King of Hybern to get Feyre back, Ianthe takes it upon herself to betray Feyre's family and deliver Nesta and Elain to the King.



In A Court of Mist and Fury Rhysand shows Feyre a memory of something that happened around 100 years prior the events of A Court of Thorns and Roses in which Ianthe is lying in his bed naked wanting to sleep with him. She taunts him and tries to persuade him in sleeping with her but he declines. Her motive was to bear powerful offspring and use Rhysand to become pregnant. He dismisses her advances and forces her to leave his room using his magic and threatens her to stop pursuing him and members his Court.


Ianthe shows a continuous interest in Lucien during her stay in the Spring Court, even though he doesn't reciprocate. Her interest in him is due to his powerful lineage and the prospect of conceiving his children. While Feyre was living in the Night Court, Tamlin refused to take part in Calanmai so instead Lucien took his place and at Ianthe's insistence completed the Rite with her. After the fact she assaults Lucien in a forest.


  • The name, Ianthe means "violet flower", derived from Greek ιον (ion) "violet" and ανθος (anthos) "flower". This was the name of an ocean nymph in Greek mythology. [1]


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