Across the violent western sea, there is another faerie kingdom called Hybern, ruled by a wicked, powerful king.

The Suriel, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Hybern (pronounced: Hi-burn [1]) is an island kingdom west of Prythian. It is currently unknown who rules Hybern since the death of their kin. One king ruled instead of several High Lords so many of the kings subjects disagreed with the contract set between the Fae and the mortals. No humans are reported to live in Hybern.



Both Hybern and Prythian are territories where faeries live. Before and during The War, both countries were closely allianced with each other. Amarantha acted as an emissary from Hybern who went to each court. She convinced the High Lords to have more communication, sharing of assets, and more trading between each country. Not long after, through manipulation and the stealing of power, Amarantha became the High Queen of Prythian.


  • Hybern's geography closely resembles that of Ireland, while Prythian resembles Britain. Sarah J. Maas took inspiration from both countries to create the two locations.



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