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The House of Wind is the headquarters for the Court of Dreams and Cassian and Nesta Archeron's home, a mating gift to them from Rhysand and Feyre Archeron at the end of A Court of Silver Flames.

It is located in the Night Court, above Velaris.


The House of Wind is built into the middle and largest peak of the red flat-topped mountains that flank the northern side of Velaris. In fact, the mountain has holes and windows built in the uppermost part of it, for the House of Wind has literally been carved into the rock. At night, it looks as if the mountain has been crowned in gold.

The House of Wind has many broad balconies glided by the light of golden lanterns. At the far end, built into the red mountain itself, are two glass doors that open to a large, but surprisingly casual, dining room carved from the stone, and accented with rich wood. In the center of the room there is a long table with chairs fashioned to accommodate wings. The halls of the House are of the same crimson color as the mountain. Feyre and Rhysand celebrate Starfall in one of the private balconies of the House of Wind. The House of Wind contains many bedrooms, a common library, and a war room decorated with a large black table and a mirror.

A large training ring with fighting rings is positioned on the top roof of the House of Wind, open to the elements. The easiest way to get to the House of Wind is by flying. Otherwise, you must climb ten thousand stairs. The House of Wind is warded against people winnowing inside. Not even High Lords can do it.

The House has a line of credit in all the stores in the city so if a member of the Inner Circle is going to buy something, they can ask to put it in the House's account and then said account is paid by Rhysand.

The Library[]

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Beneath the House of the Wind is a massive, subterranean library. Rhysand gifted it to the priestesses who have been treated badly by the world. No one can enter the library without their permission. In the center of the library is a black pit where Bryaxis used to live. A stone railing keeps people from falling over the side. At least three dozen priestesses work and live in the library.


When Rhys was a boy, he lived here with his family and he loved to sneak out of the House of Wind by leaping out of his window to fly all night over Velaris. When his mother discovered this, after scolding him, she occasionally joined him. Sometimes he still does this.

When Amarantha tricked the High Lords into giving control over their powers to her, Rhysand felt Amarantha ripping his power away, he used what little time he had to erase the city and the wards from the minds of the Court of Nightmares. He threw a shield around Velaris, which includes the House of Wind, binding it to his Inner Circle so that they had to remain or risk that protection collapsing, and used what little power he had left to tell them mind to mind what was happening as well as ordering them to stay away.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Rhysand lives in the House when he is in Velaris. Rhysand takes Feyre to the House of Wind to meet his Inner Circle for the first time. Feyre has just left the Spring Court. Rhysand wants her to meet his friends before deciding if working with them to keep Hybern from Prythian is something she wants to do. It is also the first time Feyre flies with Rhysand.

She lives with him here since she moved to the Night Court and receives almost daily visits from his Inner Circle: Morrigan, Cassian, Azriel and Amren.

After Feyre decides she wants Cassian to train her in hand-to-hand fighting, he takes her to the training ring and teaches her the basic moves while Rhysand and Azriel practice in another area of the ring. Days later Feyre and Cassian are practicing once more under the observation of Amren and Mor.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

After Nesta and Elain Archeron are turned into High Fae they are taken there by Mor. They were given individual rooms but connected through a door, and in the entire time Feyre spent as a spy at the Spring Court neither of them left the House. They both hated their new condition (although Nesta pretended not to) but especially Elain, who felt empty and refused to leave her room, eat or drink, only cried thinking about what her marriage to Graysen would have been like.

The training ring of the House is used by Feyre and Azriel when she asks him to teach her how to fly with the wings she has created with her shape-shifting powers.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

Nesta is forced to move out of her apartment and into the House of Wind with Cassian and Azriel. During her time at the House, she befriends it, and the House offers her comfort. Part of Nesta's training and healing involves attempting to take the ten thousand stairs that lead from the House to Velaris. Throughout the book, Azriel lives with Cassian and Nesta in the House.

The training ring is used by Nesta when she begins her training with Cassian, and then by the Valkyries as a whole under the training of Azriel and Cassian, which they continue to use to this day.

The House is gifted by Rhysand to Nesta and Cassian as a mating present.

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