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Long ago, the High Fae had been our overlords—not gods. And they certainly hadn’t been kind.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The High Fae are a group of faeries that are known as the ruling nobility in the Fae world.


High Fae differ from the lesser faeries by their human-looking appearances, save for their delicately arched ears and longer limbs. Any other difference will mark a faerie as 'lesser' faeries.

They inhabit many places but mainly higher part of the world, to the north of the Mortal Lands. In Prythian, where this book is set, the land is divided into seven courts. These are: SpringSummerAutumnWinterDawnDay, and Night. Each court is ruled by a High Lord.

High Lords are High Fae with extra abilities, such as being able to turn into an animal and have enough power to keep their Court safe and ward off (or kill) monstrous creatures who are in charge of tormenting others.

The High Fae are stronger and more powerful than the average faerie, and they may possess unique abilities that vary with their level of power such as winnowing or a trait received at birth, such as the daemati.

Daemati are faeries that have the ability to walk into another person's mind. They are able to read, influence, and even shatter someone's mind, depending on their training and power.

Seers are a rare type of Fae that is able to predict the past, present, and future through visions. They are able to sense and experience things others cannot and therefore are very valuable to those in the presence of one.


High Fae female's menstrual cycle doesn't work like human cycles. In fact, High Fae have very painful cycles two times a year (supposedly every 6 months).

We can also suppose that High Fae females reach sexual maturity later than the average human age as we were told that Rhysand's mother first bled when she was 18 and Mor first bled when she was 17. In certain faerie communities, like the Illyrians and is the Hewn City, once a female has bled she is ready to immediately be married to a male of her family's choosing and at this point, she has to provide him offspring.


For years humans were enslaved by the Fae, more precisely by the High Fae, who are the most important species among the Fae.

The Children of the Blessed are a human organization that worships High Fae despite High Fae's treatment of humans in the past, enslaving them and making them forget all the religions that they might have had so that they worship them as gods.

Known High Fae[]

Names in bold indicate a High Lord or Lady


  • Both High Fae and lesser faeries can be subjected to Mating Bonds.