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The Hewn City, also known as the Court of Nightmares, is located under the mountains of the Night Court and in the domain of High Lord Rhysand.  

Said to have been the inspiration behind the decor and design of Amarantha's famed Court, Under the Mountain, the residents of the Hewn City are known for their heartlessness and cruelty. Rhysand gave the Hewn City to those who hated him, but not enough to be stupid and have since tolerated his rule, especially when it so rarely interferes with their lives.

Traditionally, the Hewn City was the home of the High Lord of the Night Court and the place from which he governs his territory. However, in the case of Rhysand, he vastly prefers Velaris and the Court of Dreams. Rhysand has assigned Morrigan to be in charge of Hewn City, but the inhabitants of the Hewn City are ruled primarily by Keir, who serves as a steward for Rhysand, making the Court of Nightmares a haven for all those who oppose Rhysand's practices or philosophies and preferring instead the ancestral values of the treacherous Night Court. They're happy to stay in the Hewn City, rarely leaving, ruling themselves, and being as wicked as they please, for all eternity.

The place is known as the "Court of Nightmares" due to the occupants' violent principles, and is believed to be an honest representation of the Night Court by their fellow Prythians, for few are privy to the well-guarded knowledge of the secret existence of Velaris and the Court of Dreams.


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