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Then the High Lord of the Day Court, clad in white and gold, his dark skin gleaming with an inner light...

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Helion is one of the seven High Lords of Prythian. Helion rules over the Day Court.


Early life[]

When Amarantha began to frequent the Courts of Prythian after the Treaty with the humans was signed, the Day Court was no exception, so the High Lord lost most of his power and was left at her mercy by being sentenced to live Under the Mountain for forty-nine years until Tamlin finds a human girl who hates faeries with all her heart but loved him.

The High Lord of the Day Court, along with the High Lords of the Summer and Winter Courts rebelled against Amarantha and she assassinated them, and new substitute High Lords were put in place.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

Helion watches Feyre Archeron's trials.

When Feyre successfully finishes the third trial put by Amarantha, she becomes enraged and tries to kill her by breaking all the bones in her body. When Tamlin is free from the curse thanks to Feyre, all the other courts did too, so when she was dying, as a token of gratitude, the High Lord of the Day Court, along with the other High Lords, Made her a High Fae to save her.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

Facing the impending war against Hybern, Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court sends letters to all the other High Lords, including Helion, to schedule a meeting.

At the beginning Rhysand does not know if Helion will attend since the relations between the Night Court and the Day Court are a bit tense, despite their natural alliance as both are part of the Solar Courts.

After several comings and goings, the High Lords agree to hold the meeting at the Dawn Court Palace, Thesan's residence, as it is the closest place to the Middle. The meeting is attended by the seven High Lords with their delegations and after several discussions and altercations they agree to join forces against Hybern, with the exception of the Autumn Court who leaves after Feyre shows that when they revived her each of the High Lords gave her a little of their power unknowingly.

Throughout the meeting Helion is extremely cold, even more so than Kallias, who is cold by nature considering his power, and keeps glancing at the Lady of the Autumn Court.

After the meeting is over he appears in the room designated for the Night Court and proves that his coldness was nothing more than an act, something Rhys knew in advance. He is cheerful and jokes with everyone and Rhysand confesses to Feyre that Helion likes both men and women and that for centuries he has been behind the idea of ​​having Cassian, Azriel and Morrigan in his bed at the same time. Later he tells them the story of him with the Lady of the Autumn Court and both Feyre and Rhysand realize that he is the biological father of Lucien Vanserra, something that neither Helion himself or Lucien is aware of.

During the battle that raged in the Winter Court, Rhys sends him to make a deal with Stryga, the Weaver, on his behalf to secure her alliance with Prythian in the war. As her cottage is located in the Middle, he finds Feyre crying over the corpse of the Suriel. He offers to cremate him but before doing so she asks him to remove his cloak and cover the Suriel's inert body with it. He later participates in the final battle in the Mortal Lands of the south of the island where he is one of the first combatants and shows his true form, a beast form crafted from light and sunbeam.

After the war ends, he attends the meeting called by Feyre in the ruins of the Archeron's Estate to renegotiate a new Treaty between Fae and mortals.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

Helion sends his power to Vassa looking for ways to unbind her curse but it's unsuccessful.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

Helion arrives at the Hewn City for his reunion with the Inner Circle riding Meallan, a pegasus. Initially, he had wanted to make a great entrance by arriving in a golden chariot led by four snow-white horses with manes of golden fire, but Rhysand had forbidden it and had only allowed him to winnow in or not come at all. Meallan was Helion's idea of compromise.

When Rhysand, Feyre, Azriel, and Cassian see the horse they can't help but admire its beauty. After Helion unmounts, he lets out a whistle, and Meallan gracefully pivots, flapping his wings to leap back into the skies and wait for his master elsewhere.

Helion offers to take Feyre on a ride, but since she is pregnant she declines the offer.[1]

Helion is asked by Rhysand to visit Velaris to weave a protection spell around the Mask.


Helion is a shimmering High Fae with dark brown skin and onyx hair. He is very muscular and wears a glimmering crown of golden spikes. His legs and thighs are described to be muscular and in good shape. He moves with languid grace and power, and is described as “the sun personified."

His beast form is described as a creature of gold feathers, shredding claws and feathered wings, and is said to be the opposite of Rhysand's, crafted of light and sunbeam.


Helion is a very charismatic and loving High Lord. He can be kind and sweet to his friends but when a nerve has been struck, he can be very cold and will raise his voice.

He is also very flirtatious and will do anything to have someone in his bed since he knows no one can say no to his beauty.

Powers and Abilities[]

Helion's power is described as a golden-white healing light. Another property of this power is the ability to seamlessly cut through magical wards and enchantments, this ability gave Helion the title of Helion Spell-Cleaver.


Lady of the Autumn Court[]

Helion and Lady of the Autumn Court met at an equinox ball and fell in love. Lady of the Autumn Court's parents forced her to marry Beron Vanserra, thus separating her from Helion.


Helion occasionally engages sexually with Morrigan.

Night Court[]

Being one of the Solar Courts, Helion has a much stronger relationship with Rhysand, the Inner Circle and later, Feyre. He is trusted with information and a glimpse of the Night Court as well as Velaris unlike the other courts.


  • In A Court of Wings and Ruin it is mentioned that for centuries Helion has had the fantasy of sharing his bed with Azriel, Cassian and Mor at the same time. He is bisexual as he is used to having both male and female sexual partners in his bed, usually at the same time.
  • Helion is the owner of the only pegasuses left in existence and his most beloved pair are Meallan and his mate.[1]
  • Sarah J. Maas has said that when she thinks of Helion, he is a gorgeous Persian-looking male.


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