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Half-breed are the fruit of the union between a faerie and a mortal.


Before the War, when mortals were slaves and considered as possessions of the faeries, it was common for women (especially) to be raped by Fae males, whether they were High Fae or Lesser Faeries. When this happened, if the woman became pregnant, the child was considered a half-breed and for having one mortal parent they were treated the same as one of them.

After the war ended and the mortals were sent south of the the Wall, most of the half-breed left with their mortal mothers but due to the hatred that mortals still felt for the Fae, those half-breed who had some Fae trait, such as pointy ears, were attacked, marginalized, or even killed.

Mortals who decided to stay north of the wall were also marginalized and generally sold their bodies on the streets of cities to eat.

When Rhysand became the High Lord of the Night Court of Prythian he allowed the half-breed who came to the city of Velaris to stay, something that until that point was forbidden due to that his grandfather and his father did not allow the presence of mortals or half-breed in the city. In any case, very few made it.[1]


  • The only half-breed featured in the series is Miryam.


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