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Hades and Persephone is an ancient Greek Myth used to to explain the why the seasons occur. A Court of Mist and Fury has elements of the story, in that Rhysand (meant to represent Hades) takes Feyre (Persephone) against her will to a place that is considered dark and evil, and eventually gets her to stay.


The Goddess Persephone, daughter of Demeter and Zeus, is playing in a field one day when Hades, God of the Underworld, catches sight of her and is enthralled by her beauty. On the spur of the moment he rides up out of the Underworld and kidnaps her, taking her back to the Underworld with him.

Demeter is frantic to find her daughter and eventually finds out that Hades has taken her. She complains to Zeus, who forces Hades to give Persephone back. Unfortunately, Persephone had been tricked into consuming six pomegranate seeds while in the Underworld, which means that she cannot leave. Demeter, in her anger, kills all crops in the world and creates winter, as protest until Persephone is returned.

In desperation Zeus bargains with Hades for Persephone to spend half the year with him, for the seeds she ate, and half the year with her mother. In some versions the other gods beg Demeter to end the Winter, and Hermes is sent by Zeus to bargain with Hades once Demeter makes it clear that she will not relent.

Hades agrees and Persephone returns. Afterwards, when Persephone is in the Underworld Demeter instills Winter on the world due to her sadness at not having her daughter, and when Persephone is with Demeter Spring and Summer once again occur and the world rejoices.


  • Feyre is taken against her will to the Night Court by Rhysand. Alternatively, Persephone is taken against her will to the Underworld by Hades.
  • Hades and Rhysand are the ruler of a dark realm, and are often feared
  • Both make a bargain with their respective love interests.
    • Both bargains involve spending an allocated amount of time at the ruler's home before returning.
  • In both cases someone is angry once the bargain has been called in.
  • Tamlin is the High Lord of the Spring Court, and Demeter is the Greek goddess of Agriculture. Both have similar domains of power, and both are furious when Feyre/Persephone is taken.