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This unnamed female is Gwyneth and Catrin Berdara's mother.


Her mother is a river-nymph who seduced a High Fae male from the Autumn Court. She wasn't welcomed in the rivers of the Spring Court by her people for being half High Fae, so some time after her birth she was taken to live in the Forest House, presumably by her father, but she was too untamed to endure the confinement of the House. For this reason she was given in her childhood to the temple at Sangravah, where she was raised.

When she was of age, she partook in the Great Rite on Calanmai. That night the magic chose a High Fae male and he chose her for the sacred union. That same night she became pregnant with twins, who she later named Gwyneth and Catrin Berdara. However, she never found out who their father was.[1]


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