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This forest is located by the Wall that separates Prythian from the Mortal Lands in the south.


Feyre Archeron frequently visits this forest to hunt for food for her family who live in a state of poverty. Despite being the youngest, Feyre was forced to feed her family due to her father's damaged knee and her sisters' refusal to do any jobs requiring strength.

When she is nineteen, she hunted for food in the midst of winter and spotted a deer, an animal that could feed her family for days. Shortly afterward, she noticed the presence of a huge wolf, but its eyes did not appear to be from a normal wolf. Due to the forest being located by Prythian, she suspected it might be a faerie. With hatred for the species, she shot an arrow through its eye and killed it.

Feyre took the deer and the wolf skin home with her to her family's cottage. The next day she sold the wolf's skin to a mercenary in the town square of her village. She later learned that the wolf she killed in the forest was Andras, a faerie from the Spring Court, when their High Lord appeared in her cottage and demanded that she respect the Treaty signed between mortals and Fae after the War by offering her life in exchange for the Fae life she had ended.

Andras entered the forest to sacrifice himself and end Amarantha's rule. Amarantha specified that Tamlin would need to find a human girl who was willing to love him. This girl must also have a hatred for faeries and must be willing to kill one unprovoked. If this occurred, then the curse causing the Spring Court residents to wear masquerade masks would end. Andras was sent to the forest multiple times in the hope that this would occur.


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