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Fionn was the first and only High King of Prythian. He is briefly mentioned in A Court of Silver Flames and in House of Flame and Shadow.


Fionn was one of the Fae heroes who rose to overthrow the Fae's ancient rulers, the Daglan. During the Daglan's rule, he kept his relationship with Theia a secret, for fear that the Daglan would tear them apart. He was given the great sword Gwydion by the High Priestess Oleanna. In secret, they planned their uprising, using the Cauldron to Make the great sword Gwydion, creating a weapon capable of destroying their masters. Fionn used the Cauldron dipped sword to overthrow the Daglan.

After defeating them, Fionn unified the territories in Prythian and became the first High King of Prythian.

According to legend and Silene, Fionn's reign ended when he was betrayed by his wife and queen, Theia, and his general, Pelias. They killed in a bog in the Middle where he was bound and gagged and was taken by some kind of nøkk into the inky depths of the water. After his death, Gwydion was summoned by Theia, and Truth-Teller was offered to her by a scaled, dripping hand that rose from the bog where Fionn had died.


Fionn was said to be a broad-shouldered, golden-haired male.



Powers and Abilities[]

Although we still don't know anything about what kind of powers Fionn had, we know he was the one to dip Gwydion into the Cauldron and supposedly did the same thing to Truth-Teller. He was accompanied by two other figures, who were veiled in thick snow.



Fionn kept his relationship with Theia a secret from the Daglan in fear that they would break them apart for sport. They eventually managed to overthrow their masters and became High King and High Queen of Prythian.

Centuries after the Daglan's reign came to an end, they had two daughters, Helena and Silene, within a span of five years.

Fionn wanted their eldest daughter to get his crown and Theia, still ripe with power and enraged that the crown would go to their daughter instead of her, joined forces with her general, Pelias, to betray and kill Fionn.


Fionn wanted Helena to be the one to succeed him, thinking it was time for a new generation to lead. This would later lead to his death.


  • He was the first and only High King of Prythian.
  • Fionn was the last known person to be in possession of Gwydion, which subsequently hasn't been seen on Prythian in over 15,000 years.
  • Even though he took the Truth-Teller for himself after his best friend's death, he never used it.
  • According to Silene, the land appeared to have died alongside its king.